Nando (20 July 2011)
"Differences between Islam and Christianity"


July 19, 2011 Differences between Islam and Christianity

A visitor to my blog by the name of Telson left the following article concerning the controversity between the Bible and the Qumran. It is a very good source of biblical data pertaining the validity of the Bible versus the Qumran from a historical point of view and the number of documents that are available.

Christianity and Islam can not be more different that they are at present. The most striking difference that I see is synthesize on the word love and what it means in both religions.

Jesus out of love for His creation became man and died to pay for our sins. He calls us out of love to enter in a personal relationship of love and obedience with him. His commandments are ones of love and forgiveness towards others and love and commitment to him.

How many times shall we forgive others, seventy times seven meant to mean always. His order was to love your enemies.

True love does not force persons by force or under penalty of death to love. If you have to be forced to love it is not love.

Reader make your own list of the differences of these two religions concerning the abstract meaning of love and its application by both religions.


Muslims usually have strong prejudices and objections against the message of the Gospel, especially on such matters as the reliability of the Bible and the status of Jesus, which may prevent them from receiving the Gospel.
They think that the Bible is not in its original form but it has been changed and twisted in the past, and also the Koran has displaced the Bible. As comes to Jesus, they think he did not die on the cross, that he is not the Son of God or in any way equal with God; in other words, they deny all these basic principles of faith associated with Jesus. They also have other misconceptions (among other things, they connect Christianity with the Western world), and for that reason they do not want in any way to study this matter more closely, which is regrettable.
The most common objections that Muslims can have are dealt with below. We will especially try to answer these questions with the help of the Bible but we also use the holy book of the Muslims, the Koran. The issues that we are going to deal with are certainly important for everyone.