Nando (12 July 2011)
"Istoday the day the Apocalypse starts?"

The following e-mail was sent to me today by M. Wellman and I am sending it to five doves.
It is important to understand that he is concern with the things that come from God and those that do not come from God.
It is possible that this meeting of the Group of four will be the covenant that the AC makes that start the last week of years of the prophet Daniel and that will start the Tribulations.
It is possible that the two witnesses start their 1,260 days of witnessing today or when the treaty is signed if it is not today.

The Killshot Deception

 For the record: I reject Remote Viewing, it is not Christian.


The danger is not when psychics (AKA “remote viewers”) get it wrong.
The danger is when they get it part right and mix it with lies.


I watched this “Killshot” series.


Killshot (2003)


Ed Dames prediction

“It all begins when the Shuttle is forced to land”


Coincides with this girls dream…


June-2011 Schoolyard Vision 

“After an astronaut does a space walk and the shuttle is hit”


And perhaps with current events…


11-July-2011 AP News


NASA is monitoring a piece of space junk that might come dangerously close to the shuttle. The object will make its closest approach tomorrow – right in the middle of a planned spacewalk



The Lie: “Killshot” points to aliens as saving mankind by having placed crop circles near safe zones, providing refuge from a series of devastating natural events.



If such events come to pass the Bible indicates it is the wrath of a just and righteous God against those nations who would divide Jerusalem. And, if something shows up appearing to be an alien, you can be confident it is not your friend.  





The Quartet summit is set to take place in Washington, on 11 July. This is only four days before the date set by the Palestinians to issue their appeal to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for full membership for Palestine at the UN. This appeal must be made by 15 July in order to give enough time to propose the subject for a vote at the General Assembly in September.