Myra (4 July 2011)
"Fay:  Weirdness and GB"

All that's going on in this world does make ones head spin huh!  In regards to increased  alien activity,  there is an excellent article by Gary Stearman, Prophecy in the News, entitled Ringships: Are These       "Drones" Alien Technology.  I think I mention this article before, it's from Aug 2007 and I'm sure you can access it through his web site.  He explains how especially since 1948, there is increased alien activity, world wide, any time anything of major significance happens in Israel.
As for GB, I sure don't want to start anything either.  But, your right, something is amiss.  I wish he would explain that insignia on his shirt.  When I see something like that red flags fly.  Then there's the people of ALL faiths coming together in Israel, my spirit is very uneasy listening to that.  Let's not forget the Masonic compass with a heart no less ........ time to shut my mouth!! 
Like I  wrote before, Satan will take far more captives by quiet subversion than he will by frontal assault.  Some of this GB stuff is quiet subversion, if ya ask me ...... okay now I'll shut my mouth!!!