Myra (26 July 2011)
"Fay, John, Doves  re Av 9"

Hi Fay,
Your post  hit home with me today.  It's exactly how I feel about my prayer in regards to Dr. Owuor and having Him answer me in such a way with Eric's bible.  Like you, it has NEVER left me and it sticks in my head almost continually.  I also believe that for what ever reason, God has made a connection through the heron, for this too, has NEVER left me.  From the moment I read your letter from last December, I've had incredible peace when thinking of the heron looking off to the East and bending his head upwards, towards the sky. You said the rest of the time he was staring back at you  and you knew right then and there,  that the Lord was speaking to you.  I know too, this summer,  when I found the  heron for my garden that the Lord was speaking directly to me, like a confirmation of sorts.  It was NO accident!
I'm so humbled by what our Lord has revealed to us, and so grateful for this site John has provided to share with each other ..... what a Lord we serve!    
For those Doves who haven't read Fay's letter from last year, go to past letters of December 2010.  Fay (7 Dec 2010)  "Fay re Fleece".  You'll be blessed.  One more thing, I believe it was Fay that said the year 2010 doesn't end on the Jewish calendar till September 2011.
Soon and very soon,