Michele Kennedy (9 July 2011)
"Wade Balzer's findings"

Interesting post Wade, something most of us wouldn't have put together.  But after Casey's verdict and the media's tie to Simpsons verdict it makes sense.  I found you're findings very insightful to the times we are in prophetically.  The scripture you discovered Ezekiel 21: 27 is central to the post on Propchecy being fulfilled NOW.  I posted it  just last week!  I thank God that His Word Prophecies are being fulfilled before or eyes.  They were written Thousands of years, ago, for this time.  I'm in complete awe.  The scripture you discovered is on relation to the Prophecy I believe is revealing who the king of Babylon is, by what he does.   This word of Prophecy could not be  opened until the event took place, which REVEALS THE Anti christ ADS BARAK OBAMA but Citations are involved as well.  Remember J.R. Church who was convinced CLINTON WAS THE ANTI- CHRIST!  His name equals 666 as well as Hillary's!    The scripture the LORD IS HIGHLIGHTING, is :                                        "I will Overturn, overturn, overturn it, and it shall be no more, until HE COMES WHOSE RIGHT IT IS, AND I WIL GIVE IT TO HIM."   TAKE HEED AMERICA!   FOR THE KING OF BABYLON IS AMONGST US!  THE ANTI CHRIST IS AMONGST US!               EZEKIEL 21:21 "For THE KING OF BABYLON stood at the PARTING OF THE WAY, at the HEAD OF THE TWO WAYS, to use DIVINATION  he made his arrows brought, he consulted with IMAGES, he looked into the liver."