Michele Kennedy (22 July 2011)
"Judas and  Barak:  God's Revealed Mystery"

Judas and Barak


July 21, 2011


If there was any doubt in my mind that Barak Obama is the AntiChrist, I believe this study ‘CHANGED’ my mind!!!


As I was studying the scripture Genesis 41:43 about Joseph declaring ‘Bow the Knee!” to his brothers, and being escorted in the 2nd Chariot, I discovered something very unique about the scripture.  The names in Hebrew seemed to be closely associated to each other and the number 2 was abounding as well.


I was typing out a little bit of information on the correlation I discovered between God and Barak, and as I got to thinking about the number 11, I remembered the 11 Brothers of Joseph, and the 11 Disciples leaving off Judas.  I couldn’t remember the name right off, and  I went to  type it as: JUDAH!   “NO!! That’s not it!!!”  So I did a search for the scripture, on BlueLetterBible.com and to my amazement I discovered that the name JUDAS is actually another name for JUDAH!

Wow, that’s crazy! 

I looked up Judas on Wade Balzer’s NewJerusalem.net search and to  what I found completely erased EVERY doubt that BARAK OBAMA is the ANTI CHRIST in the Flesh!!!


Please allow me to show you what I discovered today:


First the Name BARAK is a Hebrew word and has many meanings.

The first clue that  Barak’s  name is associated with evil, is its identity in God’s Word.  In the Hebrew Strongs Number It’s


Theses are the Name Definitions for  BARAK  who went also by BERRY in College.


#1263  Beth, Resh, vav, Koph : Baruwk:



#1272 Beth Resh Teth (k sound): Barach

To BOLT, to flee suddenly, chase away, drive away, fain, flee away, put to flight, make haste, reach, run away, shoot.


#1280 Beth, Resh yod, Teth( k sound): Beriyach:

 a BOLT: Bar, fugitive


#1281 Beth, Resh, yod, Teth (k sound): Beriyach:

a FUGITIVE, the SERPENT (as fleeing)  and the CONSTELLATION by that name: cooked, noble, piercing.


#1282 same as 1281

Notice!!! The next number in line:


#1285 BERIYTH: In the sense of cutting; A COMPACT (Because made by passing BETWEEN Pieces of flesh!!!)  Confederacy, Confederate, COVENANT!!!! LEAGUE!!!

Remember that:  Between Two Pieces.


(#1286 Boriyth:  Vegtable Alkalai, Soap, for Cleansing, Pure Vegetable LYE!!!  (He is a Pure LIAR alright!))


#1288  BARAK:

To KNEEL; To Bless God (as an act of adoration) and  (vice versa) man ( as a benefit) also [by euphemism] to CURSE GOD or the KING as TREASON!  Blashpheme, bless, congratulate, cuse, greatly kneel down, PRAISE,  SALUTE, still Thank.


#1289 Barak

Bless, Kneel


#1290 Berek



#1299 Beth, Resh, Koph:  BARAQ:

To LIGHTEN, Lightening, cast forth.


#1300 Beth, Resh, Koph: BARAQ:

Lightning, a Gleam; Flashing SWORD:- BRIGHT, GLITTER (ING, SWORD), Lightening.


#1301 Beth, Resh Koph: BARAQ: The name given for Barak in Strongs Concordance.

That is 10 references to his name alone.

The base word for BARAK is BARA:


 To CREATE, Cut down wood, feed as a formative processes, choose, create, CREATOR, cut down, do, make, make fat.

His name encompasses within God’s ETERNAL ALL KNOWING Word, the very acts that we KNOW the AntiChrist will fulfill!!!

#1He will declare himself as God/Creator  2 Thes. 2:4 

#2 He will Make a Covenant with Many for one Week.  Daniel 9:27


That alone is very interesting if no convincing I believe!   But lets go on:

Lets look at the Name Judas Iscariot:

JUDAS ISCARIOT  The Betrayer of Yeshua, name confirms his relationship to BARAK!!!

First the name Judas is found in the Greek, and it’s meaning doesn’t give us much to go on.  Judas, of the tribe of Judah, Jude.  BUT when we go to the Hebrew, the Name tells it all!!!

 Judas in Hebrew is the word # 2455 CHOL (pronounced ‘khole’):   Teth, Lamed

Teth is the 9th Hebrew Letter and has it’s own meaning:

     “The image of the letter Teth (Theith, Teith) is the coiling of a serpent. It represents potential power, like a serpent just before striking. The power has been built up, is contained, and then is released. The power we are speaking of here is spiritual awareness which builds up in man, and is then released to create an heightened awareness in order to remind him of his divine origin.”


“The Lamed (Lam in Ancient Hebrew) has a "l" sound and is a picture of a sheperd staff which was used to direct the sheep toward a particular direction, such as that of water or pasture. This letter is used to mean "toward" and when prefixed to the word erets the word le'erets is formed meaning "toward a land."  In this case “Towards the SERPENT.”


The Word #2455 CHOL means:  Properly Exposed, Hense PROFANE, common, profane place, UNHOLY.

#2454 means: Wisdom, [Wisdom] every wise [Woman].

#2456 means; to be sick, be Diseased.  (as in Leprousy)

Now when we count the #2455 back in Hebrew it’s mind blowing to me!

The word is #6219 ASHOTH  ( similar to Ashtoreth):


Keep in mind we are searching the word JUDAS!!!!


Now for the GREEK Count we have another amazing discovery!  It’s the Number of Jesus!!!! Almost…


The word: megaloprepes and it meaning:  befitting, GREATNESS, or MAGNIFICENCE, (MAJESTIC), ECELLENT!!!

The gematria number of

Yeshuah is



Now let’s take a look at his last name Judas ISCARIOT.

Seed of the Serpent:

Identity, is  who you are related to genetically;  Your DNA is is your Identity.  The Seed of the Father is the blood of the father.  The fathers bloodline is the childs.

Judas Iscariot.  His last name is his IDENTITY with his Father.

This is how I know that the LORD JESUS CHRIST, has revealed, exposed the Adversary.  He will be indwelled with the Devil himself at the mid point of the tribulation 2014/2015.

But the Vessel has been created ready to be filled.

Iscariot in the Hebrew is the word KERIOTH.

 Strongs number:


#7151 Qiryah:  a City, FLOORING that is Building a City

#7153 Qiryath Arba:      THE CITY OF ARBA;

           THE CITY OF 4




The City that these ones are building;  Babylon!

Nimrod built a city building, that ascended to the heights of heavens.   He was a MIGHTY Hunter before (in the face of) the Lord.  The word Mighty is the word Gibbowr; GIANT, Mighty man, of renown.  These are from the Seed of the Serpent/ Fallen Angels whose Seed is at Enmity between the Woman’s Seed.  The women don’t have seed, but the male does. 

Satan has a Seed, not just a spiritual seed but a literal Seed.

Genesis 3:15 prophecy describes this End of All Battle between God and Satan. 

“I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed”.

This battle is the Lord’s and without understanding its vast prophetic implications to humanity, the Bible will not make sense.  Questions like why would God command Israel to destroy all life, man, woman, and CHILD, and BEAST. Why?

Because Satan’s seed had been introduced into the lineage making all life corrupted.  Even to the Animals? Yes!


So, this city that the AntiChrist is building is found in Zechariah 5:11And he said unto me, To build it a house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base.”

If we count the scriptures from Isaiah 53:4 “Surely he hath borne out griefs, and carried out sorrows; yet we did esteem his stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.”

There The Lord has confirmed this word to us all.  Into the New Testament we land on this very scripture:

LUKE 22:3



God didn’t stop there!  Going forward from Isaiah 53:4 counting scriptures #7152:

2 Chronicles 18:21

“I will go out and be a LYING SPIRIT, in the mouth of all his prophets, and the Lord said, Thou shalt entice him, and thou shalt also prevail; go out and do even so.”


Counting back from the last Strong number H8674, #7152 Kerioth, we are at this number H#1522 Geychaziy/ Gehazi the false servant of ELISHA the Prophet!

His name means; Valley of the Visionary.

Gehazi represents the False Teacher/Ministers/Prophets of

 2 Peter 2 and Jude.  These are the Seed of the Serpent/ Fallen Angels, who masquerade themselves with us; they are amongst us, feasting with us even!  They look like humans, they are human….1/2 human ½ seed of the serpent! 

The greek god Dionysus is the ONLY mythical god who is a ½ god ( of Apollos) and ½ born of a woman.


God became man, born of a woman, and dwelt among us.


These False Prophets arrive to assist the AntiChrist/Barak to become ‘ANOTHER’ god and set up his CITY.

Saul is Anointed King. Oil is poured out onto his head (as a flood gushes forth)  and Samuel Kissed him.

Sounds very similar to Judas betrayal of Yeshuah.  He kissed Jesus, and at his death his entrail GUSHED out!) 

Then Samuel the prophet of God, gives a prophecy regarding what he his orders are. 

Saul will be met  by 3 men who will bring offerings  and  two loaves of BREAD, which he is to “receive from their hands.”

These two loaves of Bread partly the False Message they bring that they are our Creators, and they are here to assist mankind to the next level.


Note: I wonder if these 3 men will not be the 3 nations that are behind/a part of the AntiChrist system.Daniel 7’s first 3 beasts listed

1 America, 2nd Russia/communisim bear feet( in the stead of socialism.) 3rd  Beast is the god/man/hybrid. The leader of America who is represented in all three beasts in Daniel 7.  The last Beast is the Muslim Nation/Islam that rules the world for a time.

Anti Christ himself, will be riding the spotted Leopard, with the 4 wings of a fowl.  These fowls are these ARBA’s.  Fowl is the word OWPH, and is surrounded in darkness, flight, covered over with feathers, hidden. (they have a deception using the power of the air to create illusions of light, and manifest physically as well with literal spaceships/ufo’s. 

(This is what the Lord has revealed to me in over 10 years of studying the Word of God through Strongs’ Concordance meanings.)


..These 3 ‘men’ will salute Saul, (serve, bow the knee).

Afterwards,  he shall come to a hill of God (Mt.Moriah/Temple Mount) “where a garrison of the Philistines will be; (today the Philistines ARE the Palestinians who want to take a portion of Israel as their own land. Barak has come that  hill of God where they are waiting for him.) And it shall come to pass, (sometime later) when thou are come thither to the CITY

( building their own city; BABYLON THE GREAT Mystery Mother of Harlots,) that thou shalt meet a company of prophets  COMING DOWN, FROM THE HIGH PLACE (heavens) with Psaltery, and a tabret, and a pipe, and a harp, before them; and they shall prophesy:”’

Psaltery, (skin bag, taking the shape or form of its contents)

 Tabret,(contracted, fraud error, ornament, beautiful, bravery, fair, glorious, majestic)

Pipe(for a profaned thing, Greek: little fish) 

Harp( crowd, company, multitudes, communication  Sight, the EYE, Prophecy).

 This scripture is in 1 Samuel 10:5


Kerioth counting back from Isaiah 53:4 the other way  we find the word is #7146:  A BALD Spot on the back of the head. A threadbare spot on the backside of the cloth. (bald head, Bare within.)

“Go Up Thou Bald Head, Go Up Thou Bald Head!” the Youth mocking Elisha after Elijah is taken. (rapture has occurred)

2Kings 2:23

These youths are mocking those who were left behind.

2 she bears came out of the wood, and tore 42 children.

2 / 42 months time is 1260 + 1260 = 2520 days.

7 year Tribulation



The Last mention of Kerioth in Hebrew:

Amos 2:2  “ But I will send a fire upon Moab, and it shall devour the palaces of Kerioth: and Moab shall die with tumult, with shouting, and with the  SOUND OF THE TRUMPET!”