Michele Kennedy (11 July 2011)
"Spiritual Dream Holy Spirit MOVE ME!!!"

This dream was emotional and caused me to cry physically.
My young children and I suddenly found ourselves in a large room that was auditorium looking inside.  On the far right hand of the building, where we walked in, there were rows and rows of wheelchairs with elderly covered all up in blankets, asleep.  Upon entering I pondered why are they all here? What is this about?
Then all the sudden my youngest son Sean, took ahold of one wheelchair and began to move it a little.  I quickly grabbed the wheelchair, but just then, a very frail elderly woman peered up out from under her blanket.  I was filled with sympathy for her, and said, "I'm sorry..." and before I could say another word,   her frail desperate voice answered, "it's  ok...  And with a wimpering cry of desperation continued..."I WANT HIM TO!"  
That just broke my heart to hear!  She wanted him to move her. Just to be moved around was wonderful to her.  I then let Sean move her around in an enclosed area away from the others.  Then my pastor came to the front of the group, and began speaking to us all.  He was making an announcement to these wheelchaired people, and then began addressing the situation over in the corner.  "There are those who are moving the people, causing a stir, and a disruption amongst us all"  I knew who he was referring to.
But didn't agree with him that we were disrupting anything, and the woman asked us to move her!
"You know who you are" he pointed right to us.
Just then my other son Ryan gave a few claps of the hand, and just that quick, another person started to clap, and then instantly 3 others, and then in a minute second all the wheelchairs were in an excited arousal, and were all clapping loudly.  No one could stop it.
Upon awakening I wondered about this dream.
I believe that this is a prophetic indication of the state of the church today.  Many are asleep, and at quiet state, but if only one will make a move, all will be aroused to life!
In reality the last service I attended,  our pastor (who was preaching for weeks about the Holy Spirit and His power that has been withheld by the Lord from him personally for fear of misuse and abuse) upon just the mention of a week area of his life in resisting the Holy Spirit's Power, caused many seasoned women within the body to speak up.  They stated how the Holy Spirit is Power to perform miracles and even raise the dead, and pick up serpents and heal the sick, but he very worried responded, "don't anyone bring a snake to church and expect me to test this out."
He was always hindering the moving of the Spirit in the past 10 years that we went there prior to this.  His own insecurities wouldn't allow anyone to go "too far" spiritually.  Time and time again he would interrupt a sweet spiritual move of the Lord over the people in deep worship, with a word out of fear, and then make some light remark, or joke about it.
That was about 5 years ago, now we have returned to the church, and had been in the midst of being given much revelation about the end times "Days of Noah" ET deception that is a part of this time, and the warning flood dream I had 10 years ago all coming to revelation with this new understanding God is showing me.
That last sermon on the Holy Spirit, aroused in me to bring the 3 seasoned women together to think and pray about starting a teaching on the Holy Spirit, as one wanted to do, and also to allow room and place for saints to move in the spirit realm unafraid and without fear of failure.  Grace to Move.
I now believe that this dream is in regards to Pastors fears of loosing his flock to the Holy Spirit.  He would rather have them deadend spiritually, and asleep.  But as I began to cause the stir,  in both the dream and in reality, I felt this is not what the pastor wants to happen.
Almost needed to be done secretly.  Which is exactly what he is preaching he wants to happen, but in reality he is still holding onto his 'control' of what he thinks is his.
All it is going to take is for someone to begin moving in the power of the Holy Spirit and the whole place is going to catch on FIRE!!!
Is anyone else being silenced by their families, friends and churches too, over the revelation the Lord has given you about the end times deception coming??? Does anyone want to hear you really?