Michele Kennedy (1 July 2011)
"2008-2018.... Were NOT in the TRIBULATION....YET!!!!"

While studying the Feasts of the Lord for nearly 6 years back in 1996-2002, I had always wondered, pondered and even somewhat questioned the seeming 'discrepency'  with the Days between the day of Rosh HaShanah/ Yom Teruah and the Day of Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement.
The day of Yom Teruah/Rosh HaShanah is the Rapture/ Day of Trumpets/ The DAY THE Door IS OPENED/ The Day of the Awakening Blast/ The Day of the Resurrection of the Dead/The Coronation of Messiah and the Hidden Day ALSO THE Day That No Man Knoweth.
THIS Day, BEGINS  a 7 day period  the Wedding Week, in the Chuppah, This time is also known as zJacobs Trouble/ the 7 year Tribulation Period.
But the days  between Yom Teruah and the next feast  Yom Kippur is a 10 DAY Period.
How could that be correct? 7 years for the Wedding, but a 10 year time period? 
I had to find the answer!  And the Lord  has revealed it!
Luis Vega had it laid all out for us, reflecting God's Wondrous Signs.  He did a AWESOME SOLAR/LUNAR CHART with the Timeline of 2008-2018. 
I discovered the correlation all the sudden!  Something awesome on this chart,  The Lord had revealed about my "discrepency''. Looking it over again,
2008-2011 has a total of 3 SOLAR ECLIPSES... ALL IN JULY.....  2008, 2009 & 2010! 
(For those of you who think the rapture will happen in July....)
Saints, These 3 Solar Eclipses are 3 WARNING YEARS!!!
God is giving us a 3 years 'heads up' literally, on the most dreadful time in the history of mankind!
Leading us right up to the 7 years TRIBULATION PERIOD BEGINNING IN THE YEAR 2011 on our Calendar,
5772 on the Biblical Calendar. 
This also gives great revelation to my Dad's one and only Rapture dream with '3 old ladies, all dressed in white,  exactly the same, squeezed tightly next to each other on a  porch swing.  He had that dream in February or March of 2009!!!  
This was revealed to Dad as being a 3 year time frame this event would take place!   It would seem as if the time has passed by, but if your counting down like to a blast off, it would be "3, 2, 1, 0"  These ladies were PACKED TIGHTLY INTO THAT SWING!
The dream really awoke him to the fact that the RAPTURE is a REAL EVENT!  He didn't believe in it he told me, but in the dream, He couldn't believe it either, but it was really Happening.  To hear him tell it today, he gets all excited and is completely convinced that the Rapture is a REAL EVENT, that many don't believe will happen, but "IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!" 
In reference to all those who  have dreamt of fire's and fire balls, My Dad's rapture dream had  fires as well.  One barn caught on fire, then a house caught fire on the street, and then another house.    Then the old ladies said, "Look old man 'such and such's' house is on fire!" 
Then in a moment, he was instantly swept off his feet, Flying through space, and amazed that this is the rapture, and it is really happening to him!
I don't believe that God's Biblical Calendar is going to be off His timeline one miniscule second!  This is His Timeline, His Moedim, His appointments and He plans on keeping them all.  He did the first 4, Spring Feasts to the day!  "He will come to us as the rain, as the latter (spring) and the former(fall) rains unto the earth." Hosea 6:3
 His Schedule is NOT man's idea's and events that they are making fit their hopeful scenarios. So the 7 day Tribulation is still to begin, Saints, don't worry.  Were NOT in the Tribulation as some have been trying to teach us to believe. 
God is warning that this day is SOON to begin, Giving us a  3 Year/day warning. 
FOUR comets are going to be flying through our solar system and close by Earth, all within 5 months of each other; I believe this is THE SIGN of Luke 21:26, and also one of he ways the many FIRES will be ignited in the Earth.
Luke 21:26 "Mens hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the Earth; for the powers of heaven shall be shaken."
Looking after is the Greek word #4329- "EXPECTATION,  good or evil."
"Powers of Heaven Shall Be Shaken" To Vibrate, move back and forth, wobble, totter as with an Earthquake but also the pole shift would do this!
Psalms 11 states: for the year 2011
"Upon the wicked He shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and a horrible tempest; this shall be the portion of their cup."
"A bird Trap, thin metal plate. Net, Snare, of calamities, plots, source or agent of calamity."
Snare: #6341   "Pach"    Lexicon: "Lightening;   bending itself like a snare (a noose) or SERPENT.
A sheet of lightening diffused over the clouds; conjectured to be 'hot coals'."
That Sounds like 'fire balls'!!!
On Yom Teruah the Jewish New Year will turn 5772/2012:
 Psalm 12
IT'S THE WORD  #6461    'PACAC'    AND MEANS "D I S S A P P E A R,.........VANISH ! ! !"
God Keep you and Bless you All, until we meet in the Air together with our Lord Jesus!!!