Michael Colunga (20 July 2011)
"dream/vision interpretation for Matt"

Hello, John and Doves,
Here is my interpretation for Matt's dream.
The two coins are like two denarii, except the fact that they are gold speaks of eternal rewards.
Two denarii apply to two days' worth of work [Psalm 90:4].
The soldier is emblematic of Ephesians 6.
A officer of the King's army kneels before the King to receive his knighthood.
From thence forward, the soldier's weapon is the Word of God.
Spoken from a pure heart--the heart of the Redeemed Bride--the Word of God cannot not return to the speaker void.
It must first accomplish that for which it was sent--no weak substitutes, no weak excuses!  [Isaiah 55:8-11; James 5:16; Isaiah 65:24; Romans 13:10]
Baruch HaShem Adonai,
Mike C.
Matt, you wrote:

"dream/vision for your interpretation"

Five nights ago I had just gotten in bed and was praying and went into a half sleep, still awake and aware but went into a dream.
There were rolling hills of dried wheat fields. There was a soldier in uniform kneeling and a person standing in front of him acknowledging the soldier's courage, valor, and personal sacrifices. At the end he said "and for these I give you these gold coins," and he placed two medals or coins in the soldiers hands. He then was holding the soldier's side firearm and said something like "your ways are finished, now it is God's way" and with one motion the firearm was dismantled and tossed into the grass.

As soon as it ended I was alert and remembered it vividly. The details like the dry wheat fields really stood out. It felt like a God dream, though there was no hint at a time line, but in the dream there was a sense of urgency, as if it was now or soon.
There are conclusions I could draw based on current events, but I would love to hear a Holy Spirit prompted interpretation.