Michael (12 July 2011)
"A waking vision I had"

John, thanks for your site.  I have been reading it for qquite a while and after reading Grace's post about the July 14th alignment I thought I should share this waking vision I had.  God bless.
Welcome to the Doves, Michael!

I had this vision, not dream, awake and open eyes, of the Sun and etc July 14th 2006.  I always thought the Symbolism of the blindfold I saw around the Sun did mimic the supposed planetary alignment on Dec 21 2012 of the Earth with the elliptic plane.  But it might also refer to this July 14 planetary alignment. This vision is long,


I was twenty-six at the time when God spoke to me through the Bible, through the radio, and in the sky.  His holy spirit that dwells inside all believers was stirring something great inside of me and called me to the beach.  Upon arriving at Ocean Beach the spirit told me that I was where God wanted me to be, overlooking the ocean, cliffs, and rocks.  I had been fasting for 3 days and fervently praying to God.  I climbed up into a tree on the heights of a cliff that overlooked the whole beach. This vantage point was an old navy lookout.  I was perched in the tree for four hours before the vision came. Looking down on my black camera visions of heaven unfolded.  An angel dressed in armor like a roman warrior was holding a scroll in his hand and running backwards down a cobble stone path.  The angel finally reached a wall with stairs that led up to an Asian Temple looking building. At the base of the steps was an angel who received the scroll and brought it into the building while the original angel took his spot guarding the steps. Thus that vision ended.  As the Sun went down, the round Sun became square at with edges and horn like spikes shot out from it.  At this point I knew God was revealing something to me.

After many hours night came, and thick fog rolled in blocking the view of the moonlit ocean.  God opened up a window through the fog and I saw a red light surrounded by two white lights hovering on the water.  Out of the red light came three green lights that were jumping over each other like leaping frogs. The white lights rounded up the green and red ones and took them away, and the fog filled in again.  It was now late in the night and some people had come to have a party right under my tree, unaware of me. They began to play music and a song came on that told me to leave. I was in a tree, and the artist of the song just happened to be 2-short, Like Zacheus who was in a tree because he was too short. The next morning I was roused by the spirit before Sunrise and outside I saw a strange moving start in the night sky.  The spirit told me fallow the start and so I drove while it guided me to the Antioch peer. Exiting my vehicle I had a clear of the Delta and where the Sun would rise directly over the water.  As I stood waiting for the Sunrise hundreds of birds began to fly past me single file just feet away from me, all traveling away from the Sunrise.  As the Sun rose it remained a dim red but with a bright yellow band around the center like a large blind fold.  As the Sun rose higher the blindfold slowly fell off the still dark, dim red Sun.  At that instant I saw a face in the Sun and fell to my knees.  The Sun’s rays hit my eyes and instantly I could see many people in heaven praying as if in a trance around a throne. At this moment I was involuntarily brought down to my knees in praise of God’s mighty power.  As the Sun rose its face became more and more angry and the Sun boiled over from the top down with fierce heat.  I left the docks that morning the only one who had perceived such strange things.  And that day, the day of angry Sun, began the freak heat wave of July 14 2006 that killed over one-hundred people across America.

I say many things that day, and since then I have come to believe the the blindfold coming off the Sun represents the beginning of the 70 weeks.  But that’s from my mind and not God’s.  God bless and keep watching.