Mercer (29 July 2011)
"I attended the Future Congress Bible Prophecy conference-WOW"


Hello Fellow Doves,
My husband and I attended the above conference.   Gary and Doug Woodward talking about the conference on the July 28th update.
 I got to meet my "Idols" of bible prophecy. I met and spoke with Chuck Missler, Tom and Nita Horn, Gary Stearnman, Terry James, John Mcteran and many more. I would not have enough time to share all I learned. The space was limited to 600 so it was easy to access these scholars. I will share a few insights I gleaned.
I had just finished viewing Watchers 2 by L.A. Mazulli  and I realised why we are being scanned at the airports.......they are looking for people who have been chipped by space aliens/demons. So I mentioned this to Tom Horn and he knew it too and said we are being "marked"
I had a chance to visit with Gary from Prophecy in the News and Shared I had found that we indeed had 3 solar eclipses before like we had in 2008,09, and 10 and they fell on 26-27-28 AD on the same dates. Gary asked me to send him that info, which I did. I have shared it a couple of days ago on Doves. Gary teach as did the late JR Church that John baptised Jesus in 26 AD and then Jesus started his ministry. Now, that is a be clue to the timing of Christ's soon return. At least it is to me.
Now, I had a chance to listen to and then latter talk to Doc Marquis. He is a former Illuminati/Satanist. He really exposed how we are really living in a controlled world. We do not elect our Presidents here in the US, the Illuminati do. He said they are Luciferians who truly believe Satan will win the war of Armageddon! He said he would not be surprised in O is assassinated to start WW3.