Mercer (16 July 2011)
"Marcus and ALL DOVES !!!!! You will be astounded for sure"

Marcus (14 July 2011)
"Urgent Rapture Watch!! Signs in the Heavens and Last Warnings"

Glad to see you caught all the bad stuff happens on Av 9. There is nothing an understatement!
I went to Nasa's web site and looked at every solar eclipse since the birth of Christ. And what I found will astound all doves
Here's what I found.                2008-August 1=Av1       2009-July 22=Av1    2010-July 11=Av 1
Now going back
26 AD-August 1 = Rosh Codesh Elul
27 AD- July 22= Av 2
28 AD- July 10 = Av1..................note the simularity of the above......none others were close
I went to NASA's web site and printed off all total eclipses in July and August since the birth of Christ. And then searched for those that were 3 years in a row
In researching when Jesus was born I saw 5 BC often mentioned.
So this all puts this close to the start of Jesus's ministry.Or pointing to John the Baptist= 2 witnesses in Revelation?
Something here?
We shall see