Mercer (13 July 2011)
"Since the birth of Christ-3 solar eclipses in a row"

Here's what I found.
                                                                          2008-August 1=Av1       2009-July 22=Av1    2010-July 11=Av 1
Now going back
26 AD-August 1 = Rosh Codesh Elul
27 AD- July 22= Av 2
28 AD- July 10 = Av1..................note the simularity of the above......none others were close
I went to Nasa's web site and printed off all total eclipses in July and August since the birth of Christ. And then searched for those that were 3 years in a row
In researching when Jesus was born I saw 5 BC often mentioned.
So this all puts this close to the start of Jesus's ministry.
Something here?
We shall see