Mary Anna (20 July 2011)
"Fay (19 July 2011)   "Jim Bramlett - Healing""

   I'm so glad Fay you have learned that our Great and Wonderful God loves us so much that He has made your appearance so "immaculate"!  I'm sure your Tailored suit and boots make you look stunning to behold and you can now do your job.  Yes, praying hard does it every time and so you did and now you can tell 5-Doves how beautiful God has made you look and tell Jim and all Doves how happy you are that not only the pain and swelling has gone but that you are witnessing to your great appearance.  Thank you, Fay!  I'm sure we all got your message of faith and joy and happiness from reading Jim Bramlett's post and then praying for yourself.  Many of us know of the Wonderful God we have and so glad that you do too now!   

I too agree with you Fay,
May God bless all of us
in Jesus' Name,
Mary Anna