Mary Anna (2 July 2011)
"Barbara (1 July 2011)  "o no""

Dear Barbara,
   Must say first of all as I read your letter, I felt your anxiety and panicky situation that's coming for you.  I felt I must reply, not knowing what on earth would give you the peace of mind, body and soul that only our Lord Jesus Christ can give and indwell you.  Nevertheless, He will never leave or forsake His own!  You know that!  He will go with you in trials or whatever they may be.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE as a child of God! GOD LOVES, HEARS & ANSWERS PRAYERS! Be assured of that!

   I, for one of many, believe the rapture is upon us imminently!  You know you have a Beautiful Home waiting for you in Heaven Barbara with all of God's family.  Your brothers & sisters are  waiting for you with open arms!  I see them at Heaven's Open Door beckoning. (Just welled up!)

  We all wait with you to be taken up by our Lord Jesus Christ to our family and home in heaven. 
I don't know what else I can say except be assured of my prayers and seek out a good church now!
Mary Anna