Lynn (6 July 2011)
"Re:  John G (5 July 2011)"Videos/Questionable information""
Amen Brother John,
I am with you in your questioning of these videos and people "running for the hills" so to speak, to their underground bunkers and hiding themselves from what is coming.  I can only humbly share what the Lord has shown me in literally the last few months, and I hope this might help encourage you.
I have been well-aware of all the conspiracy sites for about 2 1/2 to 3 years, and I was living in fear.  My husband and I were thinking about preparing for end-times survival by starting to accumlate the things you would think you would need in the worst-case scenario.  We have even talked for years of leaving the US to live in a third-world country and had investigated a few countries, even visiting some and learning of their Visa requirements.  We were not as extreme as some I know who are "lock and loaded" waiting in their bunkers.  But as time went on, I thought to myself *(and I truly believe this was the Lord speaking to my heart)* that no matter how much preparation you make, there is yet still more you could would never end.  The check list is just too big to cover all the bases, and we are too small as "stupid sheep" to know what to do to be prepared for any situation.  The last straw for me was when I ordered a year supply of dehydrated and freeze dried food along with other supplies, spending thousands of dollars on all this - and guess what happened?  There was a problem with the company and they failed to deliver the food.  Well one thing led to another and I cancelled the order and got the money back.  I truly believe this was the Lord's divine intervention to finally get my attention focused on Him and Him alone.   This was about three months ago.  I heard to Lord speak to me very clearly to "stop running,  there will be no place to hide or go to".  That is not to say that the Lord could not speak to me or send a messenger to tell me where to go or what to do.  What I mean is that I had to stop determining in my own mind where to go, what to do -- to "escape".
I believe the Lord was telling me to put my full trust in Him and His provision for me.  My husband is not on the same page with me, however I am no longer talking about running away or putting supplies together.  I have often wondered about what is was like for the Israelites when manna was provided for them every morning -- a miracle from God himself!  If the God of the Universe, God of everything from beginning to end, who holds the world and all the universes in his hand, and nothing is out of his control - if that same God knows the number of hairs on your head, even when those hairs come out in your hairbrush or fall in the shower drain (Luke 21:18, but read verses 7-19 for context)- if he knows every sparrow and feeds them and knows when they fall -- how much more would he do for YOU! (Matthew 10:27-31)
I believe fear is a big temptation to give into and I have struggled with it for sure.  Stand on the promises that God has made in His Word.  Even if you don't "feel" them, take a stand in faith.  Not enough faith?  Ask God to give you the faith and He will do it!  The Word says that fear is not from God, it is from the enemy (2Tim 1:7).  God is the God of perfect love, and fear has no place with Him (1John 4:17-19).  I believe in these end times, the temptation to give into fear may very well be a daily struggle for many believers, especially when you start to see these things that must come to pass -- accelerate!  I myself need to "check my fear at the door" every morning in prayer.  Brother, I am not preaching, my words are just words of encouragement - even to myself (still).  I have certainly "not arrived" in my faith, and certainly never will until I am with Him and I become just like He is.
I think it's great that a lot of doves feel perfectly at peace with everything going on in the world, but I am not there yet!   Well, we still live in this world, but are not of it.  We have jobs, children, responsibilities, have to pay bills, have to contend with the necessities of every day life.  I would love to drop everything and focus entirely on the Lord and wait for his coming, for sure!  It is a daily struggle to go on with everyday life and its responsibilities and still be looking up.  I believe we should be looking up, but not ignoring daily responsibilities.  When you hear the phrase "don't be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good" I think I understand about that.  The book of 2nd Thessolonians was written because the Church there had misunderstood about Jesus' coming and they had stopped working and were just waiting for Jesus, and Paul had to explain what His coming would be like and reminded them to keep working hard until Jesus came.   For me, this is the hardest thing ever because I just want to go home and be with Him forever.  But each day you wake up and the sun is shining is another day for repentence, for making sure you are without spot or blemish and for being obedient to what Jesus has told us to do and to be available to help bring another to repentence and salvation, or another brother to repentence and into the Church of Philadelphia, the Bride of Christ.
So I wholeheartedly agree with you, that we should not be hiding under a rock or in a cave! I know many "Christians" who are still making such preparations. What are they preparing for exactly?   To survive the Tribulation?  What a terrible thing to have on your heart every day in striving to find the right hiding place and to have everything in order.  God Himself is our hiding place!  When you see videos on YouTube, ask the Lord to give you discernment and you can then pick and choose the information that is provided as a general "map" of things that are coming, but remember that many of these people are not "looking up" and do not have their focus on the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua!  They are still earthly-minded.  Even those who belong to the enemy can put forth lots of "information" - yes, they like to brag of such things and they have for years.  Just remember all the end-times Hollywood blockbusters and all the shows on TV!  But always remember that God is over all their evil plans, and the Holy Spirit is still restraining here on this Earth.  All plans are made, but until God says "go" and removes his Holy Spirit, the Restrainer, the dominoes will not fall the way they plan.  Just today Teresa posted this: "RE: If they did not tell us then, you can bet they will not tell us now!"
What really got my attention in this post was that ten years ago there apparently was a huge comet coming our way in 2003 and it "should have" caused obliteration, but God held it back - causing a massive solar flare to veer this comet off its course!  Did God intervene because of His grace and mercy, desiring that none should perish but all come to repentence?  Amen!  I do not know if and when all these things will come upon the Earth, only the Father knows.  I do not know when Jesus will call us home, only the Father knows.  I think the most important thing is to ask God to search your heart, the deep, inner recesses of the core of you, for any unconfessed sin and ask Him to root it out.  Give yourself wholely to the Lord, "lose your life" here on Earth because nothing, absolutely nothing you can gain or do here is worthwhile apart from living for Him and doing His work, compared to the the glorious home and riches we have waiting for us in Heaven, and to be with Him forever.
I hope you find this an encouragement brother.  The very things I write about are the very things I need to heed myself.  God bless you.  Yes, Jesus is coming very soon, but no man knows the day or hour, so get up every morning and praise Him for another day, yet always believe it will be your last, so do and act as if it is!
Your Sister in Yeshua,