Lynn (2 July 2011)
"Prayer for our Brother in prison"

Hi John,
Would you and all the readers of 5 Doves please join me in prayer for this brother?  I am not sure exactly how to pray for him - for strength, for courage, to never turn away when he is tortured for Jesus, that the people who imprison him will see his testimony and believe, perhaps even unto his death, or even for his release so he can go on proclaiming Christ crucified.  Pray for his wife, and for his children to stand strong and also for his church.  When I read reports like this I feel helpless, sitting in my little apartment in my "safe" community, where we know nothing about this kind of treatment.  But I know that prayer is the most powerful thing in the Universe we can do for our brother because we are accessing our Father, who is over all and holds the world and everything in it - in His hand.  Thank you everyone, please pray for Youcef.