Luis Vega (18 July 2011)
"LUNAR TETRAD PATTERN & Israel Cutting a Deal"


LUNAR TETRAD PATTERN & Israel Cutting a Deal

Isa 28:15 ‘Because you have said, We have made a Covenant with Death, and with Hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing whip shall pass through, it shall not come to us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves.’

A Tetrad: When four consecutive lunar eclipses are all total eclipses, the group is known as a tetrad. What is of great significance is that these Tetrad have ALL aligned with  Jewish Feast days.


The Lunar Tetrads since Christ on a timeline reveal a unique pattern & happen during pivotal stages in Israel’s history. Each occurrence happens to fall on a major Hebrew Feast date. The seasons are marred by persecution, slaughter & exile, yet judgment also for those nations that carried it out against God’s people. With this pattern as a backdrop & reference to God’s Covenant with Abraham & the Dream of Nebuchadnezzar, we see how these patterns and events might foreshadow the coming ‘Covenant with Death’ that Israel is about to make -if the Quartette and/or UN will force the division of Israel to accommodate the new Palestinian State by September 2011. Will this be that Deal? Do the Tetrads give a possible prediction of when the Rapture might occur & when the coming 7
th Week Period of Daniel 9 is to commence -ushering in the last world empire/kingdom? Let’s consider the following.


In Gen 15v11, it has been God, the LORD that has ‘cut the covenant’ & made a Covenant of Life with Abraham, unilaterally and unconditionally & with all those of like Faith. It is God through Christ that He has personally extended this Deal to us!  What is notable is that Abraham fights off the fowls of the air (ravens, eagles and/or vultures) from devouring the “Covenant”. It is a foreshadowing of the plight and cost of such a deal with God in this world system & is exemplified in Israel’s history. It is interesting to note that at the time of the major Tetrads, the world/empire political & religious system symbol is a bird/eagle. Not that eagles/birds are evil in themselves, just a metaphor of an ‘unclean’ animal to Israel & a picture of the Adversity in the Spiritual Warfare. Will the Last and 8th Tetrad of 2014-15 signal such a repeat of history for Israel?!



If the statue of Daniel’s vision is superimposed anthropomorphically onto the former world empire map, the left leg of the former Byzantine Empire could allude to the mixing of “Chrislam.” This might be the ingredients for the last “Beast” Empire that will see the coming of True Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. Most of the major tenants of Islam is found in Roman Catholicism -which makes up the right leg that has morphed into the Papacy. You have a Jesus, Mary, Fatima, etc. The Papacy is the current successor of the Roman Empire. The Cesar had 2 main offices, “Dictator” & “Pontifus Maximus”. When Imperial Rome fell, the office was just carried out through the Papacy -to this very day. In the coming world religion, it would not be such a stretch to merge Roman Catholicism, which is viewed by most non-Christians as being the representation of Christendom to possibly fuse with Islam.  The Muslims could adhere to their Mahdi’s instruction. Islam has had a root/cancer in Europe though Spain & the Balkans primarily. When Byzantium fell to the Muslims, it went and was succeeded to Russia, Moscow being called the 3rd Rome. Islam has for centuries ruled the eastern foot of the current Beast’s leg. Could the last “BEAST” of Daniel & Revelation be this mixing of Chrislam—Iron with Clay? Or could the Mediterranean Union with 5 Southern European nations and 5 North African/Arab Muslim nations be the 10 Toe Confederation to force the Covenant of Hell with Israel?


Based on the Statue vision in the Book of Daniel, the 5th World Beast Empire would be the last one before the ‘Stone from Heaven’ (True Christ) would come down and shatter the 10 Toe Kingdom of the False Messiah (Anti-Christ) & start the Millennial reign for a 1000 years. Satan has always tried to copy & mirror God at every turn, even with the ‘covenants’… with the all-seeing eye and truncated pyramid of the Illuminati. Israel rejected the true Stone –Jesus Christ only to accept the imposter to come on the world scene fairly soon. Will the Last Tetrad, the 8th signal this soon Return?


There are a total of 8 Tetrads since Christ. Eight represents the over & above perfect completion, the first of a new series. It is associated with Resurrection & Regeneration. Could this also allude to the possible Rapture possibly & the completion of the Bride by then? The number 8 signifies the beginning of a new era or order like when Noah "the eighth person" (2 Peter 2:5) stepped out on to a new Earth to commence a new order of things. "Eight souls" (1 Peter 3:20) passed through it with him to the new or regenerated world. Christ rose from the dead on "the first day of the week," or the eighth day. Do the Tetrads also signify the anticipated “New World Order” of the Lucifarian/Satanists to come once the removal of the Resurrection & Raptured Christian Church, the Bride of Christ occurs?! We shall see.