Luis Vega (1 July 2011)
"7-11 Solar Eclipse July 1, 2011"

I wanted to share and show just what will be 'going on' during this coming July 1st Partial Solar Eclipse. There are some very unique and interesting things all going on at the same time. We have:
- a New Moon
- a Solar Eclipse
- a Grand Cross
- an over showing of the Dog Star, Sirius?
- the number 7-11? (July 2011)

If any out there can shed some light on such conditions from a Biblical perspective, that would be great! I realize that as part of the LORD's creation, He is using it as a time piece as Genesis declares to mark seasons, epocs and His schedule.Christ did also entreat us to 'look up' and that includes, I think the celestial signs -as a pre-curser to His Return from Matthew 24-25; I think He is saying a lot with such means no?
Lu :)
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