Linda Spencer (22 July 2011)
"Keeping the Light Shing in the Window"


Keeping the Light

Shining in the Window

Just In case He Decides, it is Time for Us… to Go Home!

I was recently talking to my daughter and she asked me to explain to her the parable of the ten virgins…I explained it this way.


Once I forgot to pay our electric bill, for the second time in twenty-two years. While we waited for the electric to be reconnected, I lit an oil lamp. Every time I’d turn away from it or would leave the room, I noticed the light would gradually get dim and I had to keep coming back and increasing the wick. I was beginning to accuse my husband of playing with me and asked him to stop turning it down (he was standing there by the lamp the whole time). I couldn’t understand why it kept going down whenever I’d turn away.


We both became concerned as to what was happening. So much for our lack of knowledge on oil lamps uh! We then realized that we needed to start over and clean the glass that had become very smutty from the soot and also realized that maybe we needed to trim the wick. We did and to our amazement, the light shone so brilliantly bright!!! Woo Who!!!!!

This was a lesson to both of us indeed. This was the epiphanaic moment that so plainly brought to light the undeniable truths that distinguishes the differences between the ten virgins.


The title of this message is “Keeping the Light, Shining in the Window”. I called it that because of the story of the ancient Jewish wedding. You see, in our lives as believers, it is imperative that the light of our lives shine so bright before men that even they can find their way to the master…Jesus, without us ever having to utter a word at times. You know the scripture, the one that says “you will know them by their fruits”. Matt 7:16


Yes! This is the way the world should be able to recognize us. But what about our Bridegroom??????


According to the Ancient Jewish Wedding custom. The groom sends His groomsmen out before Him with a shout! Yes a shout and a trumpet call.  But the most important thing I took from the oil lamp experience was the importance of this tune I recall…


“Keeping the Light, Shining in the Window, just in case He decides, it’s time for us… to go home.


Out of the many houses to choose from, the light in the window of this house has to be Burning with an even flame! Not wild and chaotic, and leaving soot behind. It must be Bright! Not dim and burning unclean or clear. It has to stand out! Not fading away. It has to be recognizable! Not doubtful of who truly lives there. The House has to be free of all clutter, so that He may freely get to the window of opportunity to SNATCH you away! This light has to burn so brightly that it is UNDENIABLY RECOGNIZABLE! Therefore He CAN not and WILL not, be able to say…




Praise Jesus, Hallelujah!


Another thought I was expressing to my daughter was the possibility of the incoming Elenin ~ Causing Three Days of Darkness.


This is going to be a time, if one will be here to experience it, that we can only imagine, that there could be the feeling and hearing of what the bible describes as a time where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. If there is an EMP effect, can you imagine the happenings of such a time as this? I mean Total and complete Darkness!


Loud and ear piercing sounds of crying and groaning and the smell of death in the air when all electricity and refrigeration goes out and the stench of sewage and rotten food is only a few steps away from you. You are so afraid to go out alone even to do those normal human functions because you just may be TOUCHED in the darkness by someone who was drawn to the light you used to find your way. A time like no other we’ve ever experienced, when you don’t know who is coming or going, who‘s up to good or evil. Then in the midst of all the chaos that will ensue, the very possibility of a group of people, I mean thousands will have disappeared and no one knew the day or the hour of its happening!


What will that day be like? The 4th Day! The day when the sun comes up and you are able to see and appreciate life again and not take your life for granted anymore. Your faith takes hold of you and as a “confessing” Christian you begin to pray and praise the Lord that you hadn’t praised in this way, since you “supposedly” first gave your life to Jesus Christ. This time you praise in a whole new way. But suddenly your eyes are open and you notice that you are alone or there aren’t as many people in the group you begin with anymore. Your spouse is quiet and you find that he/she aren‘t there. You go outside and you find those neighbors to the left, those very people you called right wing fanatics, too religious, too rigid in their beliefs, the TOO Saved. The one’s always talking about the return of Jesus and that end times foolishness. The one’s that used to drive you crazy with all that talk. That one friend across the street, that you turned away from because they didn’t go along with the majority who said, that there was more than one way to our Father. They are now… nowhere to be found.


Then silence and darkness begins to speedily creep back into your heart as the terror builds and shakes the very core of your being, it shakes your soul like an earthquake of the heart, because you’ve come to realize…


You’ve Been Left Behind!


What on earth will that day be like for those people that find themselves in this state of being? I certainly do not want to find out! This is another reason “Keeping the Light, Shining in the Window” is so incredibly important. Especially at such a time as this…


Just in Case He decides, it’s Time for Us… to Go Home!


Come Quickly Lord Jesus

For We Love Your Appearing and Hasten Your



Blessed Be His Name