Lewis Brackett (26 July 2011)
"The Trib saints are not the Church"

GOD deals with man in a different way in each dispensation.
The Holy Spirit only indwells the Bride of Jesus the church of the Church age dispensation. In all other dispensations the Holy Spirit only briefly comes upon men for a time and purpose, then leaves them.

When we read from scripture that the Holy Spirit will never leave or forsake us, (the Church) that is true of course……. What is not
understood by most believers is that neither the Tribulation era
believers nor the Millennial era believers are part of the Bride, the church.

The Bride is already married to Jesus in the first part of the Trib period
Before Trib people become believers.

Remember the parables of the guests at the wedding??? Likewise, the old testament righteous are not part of the Bride but are the guests at the wedding……

There are four groups of people in eternity.
The old testament righteous —Luke 7:28 for example
The Church (believers from Pentecost to the Rapture)
The Tribulation saints who return with Jesus to be His rod of iron
during the millennial kingdom Rev 20:4
The Millennial believers

Note that the church does not return to the Earth until the coming of the New Jerusalem which is both a city and the Bride…...Rev 21:9,10
Its the saints not the wife of Jesus that comes with him at the 2nd coming.....
Jesus being GOD can be in many places at once...... that is how all of us can have an intimate relationship with him in eternity
Lewis Brackett