Lewis Brackett (11 July 2011)
"The 2nd coming will likely be during Yom Kippur"

 And the Rapture during Rosh Hashana   :)
I always look forward to September; Rosh Hashana the feast of trumpets
Many think that the church will be raptured that week

What is imho quite likely is that Jesus 2nd coming will during the days of atonement, Yom Kippur in October--- As scripture says, He will return to Tabernacle with Israel--
we just dont know WHICH October !!

Ref Daniel ch9 and ch12...... Yom Kippur, The 1335th day after the stopping of sacrifices in mid trib in Daniel ch9....;Yom Kippur is also is about 45 days after Daniel ch12s 1290th day ,,,the 9th of ave in August ,....The 9th of Av is1290 days after the stopping of the sacrifices at mid Trib in Daniel ch9....
Lewis  Brackett