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"Planet X"

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Here is a video and a study on Planet X. It is very good and explains alot!

The Red Devil Planet Revisited

Comet Elenin - The Woman and the Dragon Revelation 12 study:

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This article that follows is very interesting about ancient writing of planet X

The Kolbrin Bible: The Return of the Destroyer

YOWUSA.COM, 09-Dec-04 Steve Russell

A significant portion of The Kolbrin Bible is dedicated to the historic and future return of a cosmic cataclysm referred to simply as The Destroyer.  The information and warnings concerning the nature of the Destroyer is not claimed to be inspired by God or by any other methods of prophesying.  Instead, it is based on the factual history of a previous encounter that was known to the ancient authors of that time.  The signs and timing of the next approach in terms of society, religions and nations are also very interesting when compared with humanity's current state of progress.  What makes the information even more compelling is that it correlates with famous prophets such as Mother Shipton and the Sibylline Oracles, as well as other religious texts from around the world.

Destroyer Cycles
Given the complexities of our solar system and the galaxy beyond, it is impossible to precisely predict the orbit of known long period comets, let alone something we do not understand, which takes several thousand years to return.  The only thing that the Mayans and other ancient civilizations could do was to teach of the signs that would precede its return at the approximate time.  Such predictions were less likely to be magical visions of gifted fortune tellers, and are more likely to be based on ancient wisdom from previous encounters as The Kolbrin describes.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:7
Thus it was in the Days of Heavenly Wrath, which have gone, and thus it will be in the Days of Doom when it comes again.  The times of its coming and going are known unto the wise.  These are the signs and times which shall precede the Destroyer's return.

The Bible tells us that we must all keep watch in constant anticipation, but only God knows the time of the next destruction.

Mark, 13:32-33
No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.  Be on guard!  Be alert!  You do not know when that time will come.

However The Kolbrin assumes that enough ancient material has survived history in order for the wise to learn about the Destroyer.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:1
Men forget the days of the Destroyer.  Only the wise know where it went and that it will return in its appointed hour.

Thankfully The Kolbrin defines the period of time between return encounters.  However it does not readily provide a fixed date from which to begin counting.

The Kolbrin, SCL:33:9
It will come in a hundred generations, as is written in the Great Vault.

The Kolbrin, SOF:20:21
Ninety-two generations have to be born.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:7
A hundred and ten generations shall pass into the West and nations will rise and fall.

While these periods are inconsistent within the text, they are significantly close and provide a rough guideline of every 2000 years.  This figure assumes a parental age of twenty at the time of each generation's birth.  This period of approximately 2000 years is one of many similar variations across religions and cultures used to determine the Destroyer's return.

Buried within the numerous religions scattered throughout the continents of the world, lies a belief and understanding of concepts surrounding the cycle of creation and destruction on a cosmic scale.  The nature of this cycle varies in accordance with the variety of written and spoken histories of the ancients.

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle believed in a "supreme year" in which our solar system would return to some form of original position.  He also believed there was a great winter during which catastrophic flooding occurred, referred to by the Greeks as "kataklysmos."  There was also a great summer of fire they called "ekpyrosis," and the world alternatively cycled through these events every "supreme year."  It is interesting to note that the word "disaster" is based on the Latin "dis" and "astrum" which means "evil star."

When the Spanish conquered Mexico they learned about the sophisticated history of the native people.  The natives believed that their ancestors were destroyed in cycles separated by several thousand years, and that they were currently living in the fourth age.  Each of these cyclic destructions also involved the disappearance of the Sun.  After a short period of time the Sun was rekindled and the survivors started their lives anew.  Due to this relationship between the cyclic destruction and the Sun, some societies found it convenient to replace the word period or age with that simply of the Sun as found in Buddhist literature.

The sacred Buddhist text of the Visuddhi-Magga includes a chapter titled "World Cycles" which mentions seven times in total the disappearance and reappearance of the Sun accompanied by fire and intense heat that dries up lakes and rivers.

Visuddhi-Magga, World Cycles
After the lapse of another long period, a seventh sun appears, and the whole world breaks into flames; and just as this one, so also a hundred thousand times ten million worlds. The flames of fire rise up and envelop the Heaven of the Four Great Kings. The upper regions of space become one with those below, and wholly dark.

Before the Christian era, a group of prophetic women became collectively known as the Sibyls, throughout Greece and Rome.  Their divinatory visions were believed to be a gift in return for their perpetual virginity.  At one point in history their writings were preserved in Rome and regularly consulted by the College of Pontiffs.  Some historians believe that the long reign of Rome was attributed to the warnings discovered and adhered to by the church in these texts.  The text of the current Sibylline Oracles mentions "revolving" periods of time, at the end of which comes much destruction.

The Sibylline Oracles, Book 7:130,190
Thou shalt be no more an isle, when the tenth time shall come.  But in the third lot of revolving years, eighth the first, shall another world appear.  Night shall be all… long and without light.

The wording of this is a little strange, but what it means is that there are ten periods, and it is after the seventh period that the Sun shall disappear and the destruction will last for the duration of the final three periods.

Many believed that the cycles or ages between cosmic destructions came most commonly in groups of seven, nine or ten.  The most common belief is in a cycle of seven ages as personified in the Bible by the seven churches.

Revelation, 1:19-20
Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter; The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.

These seven Biblical periods have been named and commonly defined in the following way.

Period Name

Period Definition



AD 53 — AD 170



AD 170 — AD 312



AD 312 — AD 606



AD 606 — AD 1520



AD 1520 — AD 1750



AD 1750 — AD 1906



AD 1906 — (2012)


For those who believe in the prophetic nature of Revelations, we are currently living in the seventh age.  The end of this seventh age is currently unknown, but there is no shortage of speculative opinions.  However, I have included the year 2012 for the simple reason that this is when the sophisticated calendar of the Mayans ends, and it seems to statistically complete the Biblical graph very well.  During that year, our Sun will cross the galactic plane in a remarkably rare intersection that occurs approximately every 6000 years.

The idea that the world will end with destruction in 2012 has become popularized recently as the interest in the history of the Mayans and other ancient cultures has increased.  This increase in public awareness has also brought ridicule from those who simply read the ancient texts without any intention of actually studying and understanding them.

A common misleading argument designed to take people away from the facts is that the solstice sun and galactic center do not actually come into precise alignment in 2012.  This is known today thanks to our powerful telescopes and computer software that can perform the math for us.  However the ancients only had naked-eye astronomy skills, so with the differences between margins of error in these two methods, this argument is not valid.  The fact is that the alignment is already occurring; having begun around 1980 and most likely ending around 2016.

There are also other prophetic reasons for why the timeframe of 2012 could be important.  It is widely accepted that Mother Shipton foresaw Hitler planning the growth of the Nazi party, and she used this significant event to mark and highlight the destruction that would come at the end of that century.

Mother Shipton
In nineteen hundred and twenty six
Build houses light of straw and sticks.
For then shall mighty wars be planned
And fire and sword shall sweep the land 

For those who live the century through
In fear and trembling this shall do.
Flee to the mountains and the dens
To bog and forest and wild fens.

Mother Shipton seems to imply that the destruction will occur soon after the close of the 20th century.  The Bible provides tantalizing signs that could indicate a late 2012 timeframe.

Revelation, 6:12-13
I watched as he opened the sixth seal.  There was a great earthquake.  The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind.

Revelations seems to indicate that we can expect an earthquake, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and meteor shower within a presumably short period of time.  While it is not a huge statistical anomaly, it is interesting to note that in the closing two months of 2012 we will indeed experience a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, meteor shower and also something a little extra special.

The predicted earthquake cannot be guaranteed, however on November 13, 2012 we can be sure of a total solar eclipse in the southern hemisphere, followed fifteen days later by a Penumbral lunar eclipse, and then the Geminid meteor shower begins early in December.

The extra special surprise I mentioned will also appear in December 2012 and this is another approach of asteroid Toutatis.  This flyby event can be interpreted as fulfilling the end times prophesy of Mother Shipton, which would coincide with the timing of Revelations; if you believe that the astronomical events at the end of 2012 are significant.

Mother Shipton
A fiery dragon will cross the sky
Six times before this earth shall die
Mankind will tremble and frightened be
for the sixth heralds in this prophecy.

The basis of fixing Shipton's prophecy into 2012 is the fact that Toutatis was discovered in 1988 and orbits the earth every four years.  This means that by the time it comes back in 2012 we will have encountered the asteroid six times before.  This asteroid is also far from being your run of the mill chunk of rock.  It is actually two individual rocks partially joined together, and it has a chaotic tumbling motion to its flight instead of a normal smooth orbit like all the others.  This interpretation of the prophecy does not necessarily mean Toutatis will hit the Earth; it could simply be another sign confirming the timing of the Destroyer's return.

Compared with other ancient texts, The Kolbrin does not add any significantly new insights in terms of predicting the year of the Destroyer's return, but it does further verify the notion of the cyclic "create and destroy" nature of our solar system.  It is interesting to dwell on speculative guesses about when it will return, but sometimes this is at the expense of a deeper understanding of our situation.

The ancients have tried to teach us that the destruction is necessary and will benefit the long term improvement of the human species.  Many people balk at end-times prophecy for the same reasons they do when dealt the death card in a tarot reading.  The mistake is to take things at face value, in which case you jump to the conclusion that you are about to die instead of realizing that a great beneficial change is about to occur.  While this will unquestionably involve many deaths worldwide, we must not unproductively panic by taking it too personally and should keep the best interests of humanity at hand.

Even though none of the texts provide a precise description of the year the Destroyer will return, they all seem to indicate that we must stay diligent and watch for the signs.  The reason for this is that the signs will become easily identifiable to those living in the right generation, and therefore, they will not need a specific date.  We shall see how The Kolbrin describes the signs and times of the next Destroyer, and it will be up to the readers to make their own speculative conclusions on which generation could experience the incredible events The Kolbrin predicts.

Social Prophecy
The Kolbrin provides us with telltale signs affecting men, women and children that will indicate that the age of the Destroyers return is approaching.  For children, the sign will be their hair turning grey.

The Kolbrin, MAN:4:1
O mortal men who wait without understanding, where will you hide yourselves in the Dread Days of Doom, when the Heavens shall be torn apart and the skies rent in twain, in the days when children will turn grey-headed?

While children's hair suddenly turning grey may sound somewhat unbelievable, the intent is clearer and better understood through other texts such as those of the Pima from the deserts of southern Arizona in the United States.

Aw-aw-tam Indian Nights, 1911 The Myths and Legends of the Pimas J. William Lloyd
But this man and woman became grey when old, and their children became grey still younger, and their children became grey younger still, and so on till the babies were gray in their cradles. And Juhwertamahkai, who had made a new earth and sky, just as there had been before, did not like his people becoming grey in their cradles, so he let the sky fall on them again, and again made a hole and escaped, with Nooee, as before. And Juhwertamahkai, on top of this second sky, again made a new heaven and a new earth, just as he had done before, and new people.

To clarify this further, The Kolbrin is saying that throughout the ages, between destructions, humanity always progresses at the expense of innocence in younger generations, resulting in children becoming quickly accustomed to the tribulations of adult life.  This can be likened to the differences between children growing up today with technology such as the internet which exposes them to many adult concepts, and those from more innocent generations.  Whether children accidentally stumble across pornographic material that must then be explained, or genuinely intelligent children taking an interest in topics such as politics, the levels of adultness in our children is undoubtedly increasing.

Such prophetic warnings are also echoed in the Sibylline Oracles and The Koran

The Sibylline Oracles, Book 2:195
But when this sign shall everywhere appear — children with gray hair on their temples born — and human sufferings, families, plagues, and wars, and change of times, and many a tearful wail.

The Holy Qur'an, 11th Edition Abdullah Yusuf Ali Al Muzzammil (The Enfolded One), 17-18 Then how shall ye, if ye deny (Allah), guard yourselves against a day that will make children hoary-headed? Whereon the sky will be cleft asunder His Promise must be accomplished.

The additional notes in this edition of The Koran also explain that these signs affecting our children will herald the new golden age.

The Holy Qur'an, 11th Edition Abdullah Yusuf Ali Al Muzzammil (The Enfolded One), 17 It will be a time of such stress that even children will become like hoary-headed men.

In other words, the shape of things will be completely altered, both within man and in outer nature, and all true values will be restored.

The signs concerning men and women indicate difficulties distinguishing between the sexes, as well as dysfunction within the family unit. 

The Kolbrin, SCL:33:12
When women are as men and inconsistent as women, the hour approaches when the Great Lady will wander.  When man and woman meet as one in likeness, the Fiery Heralds will appear in the darkness of the sky vault.

The Kolbrin, SVB:7:21
In those days men will be falling away from manliness and women from womanliness.

In today's tolerant atmosphere, sex change operations and gay couples are becoming increasingly accepted by mainstream society. This has even become evident in our television programming.  The trend of women being inconsistent as women can even be seen decades ago.  In those days, women began wearing jeans and shorts instead of the dresses and skirts that the society of the time mandated they adhere to.  If the days of the Destroyer are to come at the culminating point of such a trend, how much more "inconsistent" can the sexes become outside of today's full surgical procedures?  Mother Shipton also foresaw this trend occurring before the final days.

Mother Shipton
For in those wondrous far off days
The women shall adopt a craze
To dress like men, and trousers wear
And to cut off their locks of hair
They'll ride astride with brazen brow
As witches do on broomstick now.

The dysfunction of the family and the loss of equal respect for men and women are described in The Kolbrin to occur before the end times.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:8
Men shall be divided by their races and the children will be born as strangers among them.  Brother shall strive with brother and husband with wife.  Fathers will no longer instruct their sons and the sons will be wayward. 

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:8
Women will become the common property of men and will no longer be held in regard and respect.

Once again Mother Shipton confirms the sentiments of The Kolbrin in this respect.

Mother Shipton
Then love shall die and marriage cease
And nations wane as babes decrease
And wives shall fondle cats and dogs
And men live much the same as hogs.

The Bible also predicts the breakup of family values.

Mark, 13:12
Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child.  Children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death.

The Kolbrin indicates that major changes to the familiar family model will be a sign that time has taken its course and the cycle of the Destroyer is returning.  There is no doubt that our children are growing up faster with the power of technology at their fingertips to gain knowledge in any area of interest.  The line separating male from female has been blurred with advancements in medical and biochemical technology.  Soon the family breakdown will be complete as the number of elderly people will far exceed children.

Recent data on birth rates in Canada are indicative of this global trend towards diminishing child numbers.  When Canadian data was first collected in 1921 the birth rate was 29.3 births per 1000 people.  In 2002 they were at an all time low of 10.5 births per 1000 people.  In China, the All-China Women's Federation reported that 40 percent of young married women were unwilling to have children.  Some countries are even experiencing below-replacement levels of fertility with no clear target in sight of when this trend will be reversed.  Such figures are not statistical anomalies; they are the consequences of a global shift in lifestyle attitude brought on by this information age.

Young people are now exposed to comprehensive sex education and preventative measures along with the relevant support services and abortion clinics.  They also have a much stronger focus towards continuing their education after secondary school in order to stay competitive in the rapidly advancing career markets.  By the time young people have achieved these educations and inflated their bank accounts they soon realize that they are no longer young.  They then find it difficult to put their careers on hold and are unwilling to disrupt the lifestyle they have worked so hard to achieve.

Given the significant family changes predicted by the ancient texts, it is also logical that there will be parallel problems amongst the dominant religions of the world that are struggling to keep families together and functioning.

Religious Prophecy

With the failure of the family, there will also be a change in religious domination.  To start with some history, The Kolbrin indicates that there will be a dominant religion that spreads throughout the world.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:8
One worship will pass into the four quarters of the Earth, talking peace and bringing war. 
They will possess great riches but be poor in spirit.

This is undoubtedly the Roman Catholic Church, well known for its plundering and destruction of historic world belief systems they saw fit to label as pagan.  Visit anywhere in South America for example and you will find ancient sites destroyed, pillaged for gold, and churches erected in place adorned with the stolen gold.  The Kolbrin says that the power of the church will diminish in parallel with the downfall of the family. 

With the diminishing power of the churches we can naturally expect to see a decline in religious and moral values.

The Kolbrin, MAN:26:9
It will be a time when men worship the works of men and say, "There is nothing greater than these."    When the hearts of men are in turmoil and all men seek pleasure and gain.

The Kolbrin, SVB:7:18
It will come in the Days of Decision, when men are inflicted with spiritual blindness, when one ignorance has been replaced with another, when men walk in darkness and call it light.  It will come when they seek only worldly things.

The Kolbrin also predicts that the knowledge contained within its pages will be available for those who listen and will guide them through their survival of the next Destroyer.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:10
In those days men will have the Great Book before them, wisdom will be revealed, the few will be gathered for the stand, it is the hour of trial.  The dauntless ones will survive, the stouthearted will not go down to destruction.

Given the usage of the term "Great Book" throughout The Kolbrin, it is clear that they are not referring to more familiar books such as the Bible or Koran, but The Kolbrin itself.  Originally, The Kolbrin was in two parts called "The Great Book of Eternity" and "The Great Book of Life."  Some of the chapters also refer to "The Great Book of the Sons of Fire."  In the past, the custodians of the manuscripts felt that the wisdom within its pages should not be widely circulated or commercially published.  However the recent caretakers believed it to be in the public interest that this knowledge is made available now.

The Kolbrin, P IV (Culdian edition)
This book enters the arena of life at a crucial stage in humanity's progress towards its destiny, at a time when the average family is becoming dysfunctional; when traditional values and standards, the concept of true love and the development of spirituality are under siege.  These are the days of decision, when humankind stands at the crossroad.

The signs within the family and religion can be observed and experienced at a personal level.  These are also accompanied by descriptions of changes at a global level which further assist in determining the period of the Destroyer's return.

National Prophecy

One of the older and obviously fulfilled predictions from within The Kolbrin concerns our transportation abilities under the ocean and in the air.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:7
Men will fly in the air as birds and swim in the seas as fishes.

Mother Shipton also made similar, more elaborate predictions.

Mother Shipton
When pictures seem alive with movements free
When boats like fishes swim beneath the sea,
When men like birds shall scour the sky
Then half the world, deep drenched in blood shall die. 

The more interesting global predictions focus on specific nations.  To further assist in identifying the time period of the Destroyers return, The Kolbrin describes four nations and how they will be known to those living in the days of the Destroyer.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:7
Men will talk peace one with another, hypocrisy and deceit shall have their day.

Given the context of the following sentences this could be seen as the United Nations.  While peace for all nations is their top priority, it would be naïve to think that hypocrisy and deceit by member nations does not exist.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:8
A nation of soothsayers shall rise and fall and their tongue shall be the speech learned.

This nation is undoubtedly Britain.  They were among the earliest nations to translate the Bible into English and their language has essentially become the standard form of communication among many other nations.  Their royalty is also well known for relying on soothsayers and astrologers.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:8
A nation of lawgivers shall rule the Earth and pass away into nothingness.

The Romans introduced the rule of law and became well known for their tyrannical enforcement of it before crumbling away into the history books.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:8
A nation of the seas will be greater than any other, but will be as an apple rotten at the core and will not endure.

Australia is the only country that occupies an entire continent, and is considered by many to be the largest island in the world.  While Australia is by no means "greater than any other" in terms of factors such as military power or population, it is considered by many to have an excellent laid back lifestyle with a strong economy and popular tourist destinations.  The statement that the country will not endure seems to imply that it is a relatively young nation.  Australia only became a nation to the modern world just over 200 years ago in 1788 when Captain Arthur Phillip and his British fleet arrived and overpowered the native aborigines.  This fact also confirms that the nation in question will be rotten at its core, because the fleet that arrived from Britain was carrying 750 male and female convicts.  Their motivation for sailing to Australia was in direct response to the overcrowded prisons in Britain, and Australia was chosen as the ideal dumping ground for criminals.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:8
A nation of traders will destroy men with wonders and it shall have its day.

America emerged onto the world scene as a trading nation, and to this day, they remain the most active traders on the world market.  The world also knows that this nation does not hesitate to defend itself, and as a military leader, has indeed destroyed with astounding technology. 

If these speculative interpretations of the predictions are correct, then it seems they have all come true except Australia not enduring.  The United Nations is talking peace, the world is speaking English, Rome has died, Australia has been built from a rotten core and America had its day on 9/11 or will in the near future with whatever else the terrorists have planned.

Now that we have covered the signs of the Destroyer's return in terms of speculative timings, the downfall of the family and religion, and the nations specifically mentioned by The Kolbrin, let's look at the events to occur on the dreaded day of the Destroyer.

Destroying Heaven and Earth

As discussed earlier, the nature of the Destroyer itself does not seem to be based on any form of prophecy.  Instead, it appears to be based on the accounts of those who survived at least one previous historic encounter.  The Kolbrin describes the Destroyer as an enormous celestial phenomenon that causes a variety of significant changes both on and above the Earth.  In the context of what we currently understand, the Destroyer seems to be something different to the typical comet, and more like an enormous storm of comets and meteors collectively interacting with each other in ways never seen before.   

The Kolbrin, MAN:4:3
It will be a vast sky-spanning form enwrapping Earth, burning with many hues within wide open mouths.

The Kolbrin, SVB:7:18
It will be a thing of monstrous greatness arising in the form of a crab, first its body will be red, then green, then blue.

The Kolbrin says that the Destroyer is large enough to envelop the Earth and the reference to a crab most probably indicates that it will first be discovered in the astrological sign of Cancer.  The association with various hues supports the idea that the Destroyer is a meteor storm.  When meteors enter the atmosphere, their colors arise from the compounds of the material such as iron, magnesium or sodium.  When there are sufficiently equal compounds within the meteor it will appear white overall, however others can be red, green or blue as The Kolbrin describes.  The velocity and resultant kinetic energy also affects its color, with slow meteors appearing red and fast meteors appearing blue.

This strange cosmic cloud of wonders also seems to be responsible for darkening the Earth, whether it is through the sheer density of the material, or its effects on our weather system.  The biblical passages of this darkness and a blood stained moon are commonly known.

Ezekiel, 32:7
When I snuff you out, I will cover the heavens and darken their stars; I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon will not give its light.

Joel, 2:30-31
I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke.  The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

The Sibylline Oracles describe it as a mist that will hide the boundless starry skies, and The Koran as a darkness that buries the Sun and Moon.

The Sibylline Oracles, Book 2:240
For a dark mist shall hide the boundless world, east, west, and south, and north.

The Holy Qur'an, 11th Edition Abdullah Yusuf Ali Al Qiyamah (The Resurrection), 8-9 And the moon is buried in darkness. And the sun and moon are joined together.

The Kolbrin elaborates by indicating that the darkness will only last a single day and that it will be preceded by a period where the light on Earth will be tinted red, giving rise to the biblical descriptions of a bloody moon.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:5
The Heavens will burn brightly and redly, there will be a copper hue over the face of the land, followed by a day of darkness.  A new moon will appear and break up and fall.

This new moon that appears and disintegrates as it falls to the Earth is most probably a bright comet from the meteor storm. The Sibylline Oracles describe the event as stars falling down.

The Sibylline Oracles, Book 8:250
The stars shall all fall forwards in the sea, all one by one, yet shall men see in heaven a brilliant comet, sign of much distress about to come, of war and battle-strife.

While these stars are obviously meteoric material, the behavior and appearances of real stars are also affected by the Destroyer.  The Bible indicates that the heavens will be shaken and that Earth will become as wobbly as a drunkard.

Matthew, 24:29
Immediately after the distress of those days "the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken."

Isaiah, 24:20
The earth reels like a drunkard, it sways like a hut in the wind.

The meaning of the following Bible verse has been often debated.  Many ask why the heavens need to be punished in the end days if it is merely our earthly sins that require cleansing.

Isaiah, 24:21
In that day the Lord will punish the powers in the heavens above and the kings on the earth below.

The Kolbrin makes clear that the process behind this "punishment" is in accordance with celestial laws and simply involves a change in their movements.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:3
When ages pass, certain laws operate upon the stars in the Heavens.  Their ways change, there is movement and restlessness, they are no longer constant and a great light appears redly in the skies. 

Therefore there is no mystical retribution on the stars.  Instead, the Destroyer disrupts the orbit of Earth which results in a change of the stars positions.  Since The Kolbrin describes these changes merely as "restlessness," it does not indicate a change of polar positions or anything chaotic in nature.  Once the Destroyer has passed, we will be left with a new sky to behold.

Revelation, 21:1
Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth are passed away.

Together these ancient texts have described the Destroyers approach, the cloud of debris associated with it and the darkening effects and disruption to the Earths movement.  The Kolbrin also expands on the nature of the primary Destroyer itself.

The Face of God

Most texts describe the events of end times as simply being caused by a fiery body preceded by a loud noise in the heavens as characterized by the Sibylline Oracles and Bhagavad-Gita.

The Sibylline Oracles, Book 2:245
And then shall flow a mighty stream of burning fire from heaven and every place consume, earth, ocean vast, and gleaming sea, and lakes and rivers, springs, and cruel Hades and the heavenly sky.

Bhagavad-Gita, 11:30
You are licking up all the worlds with Your flaming mouths, swallowing them from all sides. Your powerful radiance is filling the entire universe with effulgence and burning it, O Krishna.

As the seven angels from the Biblical Revelations each blow on their trumpet, they cause various parts of the world to burn as it rains fiery rocks, hail and stars upon the Earth.  The Bhagavad-Gita provides a slightly more detailed description, likening the Destroyer and its entourage to a large mouth in the sky.

Bhagavad-Gita, 11:24
I am frightened and find neither peace nor courage, O Krishna, after seeing Your effulgent and colorful form touching the sky, and Your wide open mouth with large shining eyes.

This description of mouths and eyes is echoed by The Kolbrin.

The Kolbrin, MAN:4:2
There will be the great body of fire, the glowing head with many mouths and eyes ever changing.
These will descend to sweep across the face of the land, engulfing all in the yawning jaws. 

The ancients attributed the fire and heat that rained down on them to the breath coming from these heavenly mouths.

The Kolbrin, MAN:3:6
They wil l be eaten up in the flames of wrath and consumed by the breath of the Destroyer.

Continuing with this metaphor, the ancients also assigned the comet and meteoric material to the teeth within these mouths. 

The Kolbrin, MAN:4:2
Terrible teeth will be seen in formless mouths and a fearful dark belly will glow red from fires inside. 
The fangs will fall out, and lo, they are terror-inspiring things of cold hardened water. 

The use of the mouth metaphor to describe the Destroyer is a very convenient and obvious choice that fits the nature of its effects.  Even in these modern days we gaze in awe at the magnificent imagery from telescopes such as the Hubble and assign quirky names and likenesses to their characteristics.  For the ancients, the Destroyer effectively became the fearful face of God.

Accompanying this myriad of cosmic material is something very strange and not easily reconcilable to our normal understanding of comets.

The Kolbrin, MAN:5:1
The Doomshape, called the Destroyer, in Egypt, was seen in all the lands thereabouts. In colour it was bright and fiery, in appearance changing and unstable. It twisted about itself like a coil, like water bubbling into a pool from an underground supply, and all men agree it was a most fearsome sight. It was not a great comet or a loosened star, being more like a fiery body of flame.

This coil-like description and likening to a fireball instead of a normal association with a comet was echoed by the great scientist and author Pliny the Elder in his collection of works titled "Natural History" and quoted by Immanuel Velikovsky.  This work from AD 77 is claimed to be based on information gathered from 2,000 books and from 100 authors.  Perhaps this striking similarity indicates a common source.

Worlds In Collision, P82 Immanuel Velikovsky
In Pliny's Natural History, the ninety-first section of the second book reads: "A terrible comet was seen by the people of Ethiopia and Egypt, to which Typhon, the king of that period, gave his name; it had a fiery appearance and was twisted like a coil, and it was very grim to behold: it was not really a star so much as what might be called a ball of fire".

While it is difficult for us to imagine such a strange kind of comet, the precise nature of the phenomenon may be something our astronomers are yet to discover.   While the mainstream academics will disagree, all you have to do is take your pick of scientific journals and note how many times you read statements such as "we were completely surprised," and "this was never expected" to get an idea of just how confident they should really be.  Given the vastness of our solar system and mere handful of probes sent to study it, it would be incredibly naïve to think we know about all its inhabitants.

Astronomers Bill Napier and Chandra Wickramasinghe for example, have conducted new research and now believe that the number of known comets does not match what is predicted by theory.  They now suggest that the missing thousands of comets have become exceedingly black and could pose a dangerous and unseen new threat to Earth.

Space Daily, 27 October 2004 Chance Of A Cometary Impact Re-assessed
If so, international programmes designed to detect a large class of potentially threatening objects, namely near-Earth asteroids, as well as strategies to mitigate the worst effects of collisions, may be in need of urgent review. The researchers dismiss the current belief that all the "missing" comets have disintegrated into meteor streams. If this had happened, they argue, then we should be seeing a far greater number of meteor showers and a much brighter zodiacal cloud than is observed.  They propose instead that the majority of these comets have become exceedingly black, with such low surface reflectivities that they could not be observed against the blackness of space by optical means.

The recent discovery of Sedna orbiting beyond Pluto and the Kuiper Belt has ignited frantic interest among astronomers and scientists trying to come to grips with the reality of such an object.  Mike Brown from Caltech is one of many mainstream astronomers now beginning to acknowledge what the ancient texts have already explained.

Space.com, 22 November 2004 Solar System Surprise: A New View of What's Out There
A fabled tenth planet out beyond Neptune, often referred to as Planet X, hasn't been found despite years of searching. But astronomers involved in the hunt are beginning to speculate that something like Planet X will be discovered, along with Y and Z.

"I'd also be willing to bet that there are many objects larger than Pluto out in the region of space where Sedna lives," Brown said last week. Out to about 1,000 AU, he speculates that there could be 10 or 20 Pluto-sized objects, "and a handful of larger things, too." Some of these suspected worlds could be as big as Mercury or even Mars, he said.

Now that the discovery of Sedna has popularized and essentially proven the possibilities of Nibiru, NASA has even granted processing time on its powerful supercomputers to model the orbital scenarios it may have had on our solar system during its creation.  Physicist Ben Bromley from the University of Utah and astronomer Scott Kenyon from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge have had their findings published in the journal Nature.  Their findings confirm the theoretical possibility of planets with highly elongated orbits entering our solar system, and call for new studies in the area of space where their locations can now be predicted.

Spaceflight Now, 01 December 2004 Did our sun capture alien worlds?
Computer simulations show a close encounter with a passing star about 4 billion years ago may have given our solar system its abrupt edge and put small, alien worlds into distant orbits around our sun.

Bromley and Kenyon conclude the shearing motion and dueling gravity of the passing stars could have done several things:

Taken young planets formed with circular orbits in our solar system and catapulted them into highly elongated orbits. That may explain the existence of Sedna, a "planetoid" that orbits beyond Pluto and measures between 600 and 1,000 miles wide.

Allowed our sun and solar system to capture a planet or smaller object from the passing star's solar system. Sedna might be an example.

Bromley and Kenyon predicted locations in our solar system where captured objects would be, based on the angle and shape of their orbits. Finding captured objects in the predicted locations would be "proof that a flyby occurred," says Bromley. He hopes astronomers will look more closely at sections of the sky where he and Kenyon predict alien planets might be.

Now that mainstream science is beginning to realize the vast unknown of possibilities beyond the borders of our solar system, perhaps more than just cold dead planets will be discovered out there.

To a devout religious person, the imagery conjured up by these ancient descriptions of the Destroyer could easily be mistaken as Hell, given the twisted fireballs and burning mouths filled with icy teeth.  However after Enoch was taken by angels and ascended into the sky above Earth, he described the various heavens he was shown until he reached the tenth heaven and came face to face with God.

The Book of the Secrets of Enoch, P27 W. R. Morfill, M.A, 1896
In the tenth heaven Aravoth, I saw the vision of the face of the Lord, like iron burnt in the fire, and brought forth and emitting sparks, and it burns.  So I saw the face of the Lord; but the face of the Lord cannot be told.  It is wonderful and awful, and very terrible.  And who am I that I should tell of the unspeakable being of God, and His wonderful face?

You would naturally expect the face of God to be more like beautiful brilliance than an awful burning chunk of iron.  Was Enoch taken beyond the ends of our solar system and shown the approaching Destroyer that The Kolbrin warns us about?


Despite the reasonably significant focus on the Destroyer, The Kolbrin is not about sensationalistic doom and gloom.  The reason for this focus is simply the author's profound concern for the people that must endure the next return.  The Kolbrin also provides the necessary laws, morals and guidelines with which to live the most rewarding life, both before and after the next return.  The ancients have gone to an incredible amount of effort to preserve their knowledge of the Destroyer in order for future generations to survive.  It would be wise to listen and study what they have to say.