Leslie Fain (2 July 2011)
"The sign of the Son of Man"

Hi Doves and John
I have been watching the heavens and in May there was a conjuction of Venus and Jupiter it looks like it should have looked like one very big star but when I wanted to watch it was cloudy in my area and afterwards I just could not find any mention of it and thought to look for pictures by people but I only could find before and after pictures but here is a short video showing how close they were

Did anyone see how it looked in the sky that day? I was interested to see how it looked. could it be the Sign of the Son of Man?

In an article STAR OF BETHLEHEM MAY HAVE BEEN PLANETS JUPITER, VENUS @ http://newsinfo.iu.edu/OCM/packages/bethstar.html
It states that "
Apparently the Star of Bethlehem was noticed only by the Wise Men."