Laurie Hane (28 July 2011)
"Barry Amundsen- judgment seat of Christ"

You gave an interesting analysis of the book written about the judgment seat of Christ by Arlen Chitwood.  It seemed that you were disquieted about the fact that he went to such great lengths to prove a point.  I wondered at that.  Isn't that how we have been instructed to study and learn scripture.  Line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little.....  If we are on the right premise, it will repeat it self over and over again in scripture.  It can be built upon and built upon until a larger and larger picture develops.  Studying the types of the old testament is a great way to get the premise for the new testament and the ages to come.
In the past few years I have gone through quite a few events that I had never imagined that I would.  During that time I read a book about Job written by Oswald Chambers.  He said that Job learned during that time of trial, that what he had perceived as how God dealt with man (Do good and good will be done unto you, do bad and you shall be rewarded with bad), was not so.  Even the Good could suffer hugh loss for no other reason than it was just so.  So either God was wrong and somehow missed the fact that he was a righteous man and had afflicted him, or his idea of God was wrong.  He held to the fact that it was his view that was wrong, not God- until the bitter end and God rewarded him in the end for holding onto that belief.  I too have had to change my views about how God deals with people and realize that God can and will do anything he deems right and if I am not in agreeance over the rightness of it, I am the one with the lack of knowledge.  I had to face that in the area of really hit home.  I have had to face that in the view of other things that I had thought that was right only to realize that that was my thinking.  And so it has been with scripture.  I see it with the plea to God to set my path straight, not with men's knowledge, but with His.  It might not make sense to me, but he knows the beginning from the end....perfect sense to him.
So getting back to the judgment seat of Christ and the full rapture of the church.  Have you considered Rev. 1:19
     Write the thing which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter;
We have 3 tenses here.  Hast seen, things which are and things which shall be - past, present and future tenses.  Hast seen- that is which John had just witnessed about Christ and his role in the previous verses.  Things which are- what John is being shown currently.  And which shall be hereafter (after these things).  These are the words used to begin Chapter 4  "After this"... after what,  after chapters 1,2 and 3- there are the three tences.  Does this make sense, maybe it seems too simple, but there you have it.  I challenge you that if it doesn't make sense to your logic remember that Job found himself in the mess that didn't make sense to him or his friends either.  Job found the right way by believing he may have it wrong.  God blessed him for it.
I am still in the state of "show me Lord' and I am sure that you are as well.  May the Lord bless both of our searches as we wish to honor him in all our doings.    Blessings, Laurie

Sorry I didn't include this earlier but just saw some remarks you sent to Robert and Sonja.  Not sure what all you are referring to but hoped you wouldn't mind me addressing some things that I have pondered over.  In reference to the following remark

Then, Sonja, I am not sure which side you are defending. My comment that you quote refers to the position in the pdf book that claims basically that most Christians fail to understand the nature of their salvation and that Christ provided only for our "spirit" to be saved but our "soul" salvation is up to us to accomplish through our own works after we are spirit saved etc. I was commenting that I find the defense of this position to be very difficult to follow and that the weeping and gnashing of teeth etc I believe happens at the rapture when many are left behind rather than at the judgment seat of Christ when many according to this book will be cast into outer darkness for failing to have good enough works etc.
My understanding follows what is referenced above until it comes to where you state that the salvation of the soul is accomplished through our own works after we are spirit saved.  Salvation, whether it is of the spirit or the soul, is always done through the work of Christ.  One is the finished work of Christ (spiritual salvation) and the other is the continual work of Christ as he works through us during this present age.  Nothing man can do will ever be thought of as more than wood, hay or stubble.  That is one of the hardest concepts there is to take hold of.  It is not our works done for Christ, it is simply his workings done through a completely yielded vessel that works out the salvation of the soul.  It has to be a completely yielded individual in the moment, that a good work is produced through.  I say in the moment, because how many of us are completely yielded for ten minutes let alone an hour or the great event of a whole day.  That is why the yeildedness is so important, it is impossible to be produced by us, it must be produced by God.  It is always about God, always about his grace and mercy, always about his power done for us and through us.  We are to enter into our rest where we don't work, but the work is done through us.  Hard stuff to realize, even harder to do.  Thank goodness we have a God where nothing is impossible, and "Being confident of this very thing, that he which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:" Phil 1:6