Laurie Hane (23 July 2011)
"Robert Belanger"

Life has brought me to a new stage and I haven't been here for quite a while.  I thought I would drop into 5 doves and here was someone thanking you for a book you had encouraged others to read.  So I followed the link and was soooo excited to see that while I was gone, others have read materials that I was able to read over 10 years ago.  Books by Arlen Chitwood have helped me to learn to be systematic in my approach to scripture, to look for the spirit of the word as well as the literal word, and to always  look to see if the context promotes the thought you just approached that scripture with.  I see my work in this life is to "bring others alongside" while we take that path that leads to fruitfulness in this life and a fantastic relationship with God not only here but in the ages to come.  Keep on encouraging, we all need it, especially now!!
Blessings on your work....Laurie H