Lauren (7 July 2011)

Disinformation is what we have come to learn over the years is well orchestrated with the same disinformation crew controlling both sides of the "debate".
Today it is being associated with the false reporting of Comet Elenin to hide the supposed coming of Planet 'X', with NASA and NWO groups creating false although true scenarios that are coming and will come but yet are creating fear with the public in regards to the cometary alignments and the electrical nature of the solar system.
They do this intentionally to further cloud the true scenario from the public, to confuse them, so they WILL DISREGARD any true biblical interpretation that would come there way! Because they know Planet 'X' permeates the scripture particularly in the book of Isaiah from chapters 5-31.
Comet Elenin IS NOT ANY KIND OF THREAT TO EARTH and is not large enough to effect "cometary alignments and the electrical nature of the solar system"! This false reporting regarding Comet Elenin and Planet 'X', will most likely continue into the fall of 2011 not unless Planet 'X' manifests itself and is seen by everyone on earth before then.
The movie 2012 is part of this 'disinformation versus disinformation' process and is due to come out on November 13, 2011, it will make all kinds of scientific sounding claims of doom and the destruction of earth on December 21, 2012. Although two recent videos show TV documentaries from 1973 and 1976 telling that the Mayan calendar DOES NOT END on December 21, 2012 but will end on December 24, 2011?  
The false FEAR reporting that is propagating on all fronts IS FOR A REASON, it opens the opportunity for every nut case and imposter on the internet to jump in and further cloud the real issues from the public, of whom many are clueless and are just beginning to wake up from a deep illiterate prophetic biblical slumber!
There is such an effort coming from what you can call "tier 2" NASA scientists, who keep the public confused with phony science and astronomy There are  also internet imposters who receive support from YouTube 'PayPal' videos to distort the real efforts of the few sane voices that have true biblical interpretation of Planet 'X' and how it fulfills the 'day of the LORD' prophecy's.
There is an extreme effort being made by the PTB, who are the 'Conspirators of Psalm 2:1-3' to escalate a heightened time of awareness to dumb down the public, from everywhere to public school education, Christian churches and the mass media!
The last thing they want is a TRUE UNDERSTANDING to manifest itself BEFORE the day they they pull off their 'ab ordo chao'!
The sooner the better is NOW,  you must begin to understand and read between the lines before "order out of chaos" comes and I tell you a truth, Planet 'X' will bring it sooner or later, our problem is not to let it come and catch us unaware suddenly, but sift through the disinformation and search the scriptures as to when it arrives.
Giving Him the glory an Ezekiel 33:6 watching one REPENT the Kingdom of God and the "authority of His Messiah" is at hand.