Lauren (28 July 2011)

 Hello John and fellow doves,
This is a little lengthy, but well worth the read time. I hope this makes you and the 'truth seekers' who come to your site and whomever they may forward it to, become a day in which 'truth' comes to light! Thanks Lauren
When you open this link disregard the link at the top of the first page, because it is 'off center' too far right to be hyperlinked.
Scroll down a blank page or so, read the somewhat boring 'Foreward' scroll down to a interesting 'Summary', THEN  READ AND VIEW this most definitive, scientific and mathematical study on Elenin and Nibiru that you will have gotten your hands/eyes on so far.

What many have been so confused about, is explained with orbits and photos, along with an analysis that is accurately detailed.
FYI: The biggest factor of confusion is that Nibiru/Planet 'X' is 8AU or 744 million miles behind Elenin.
Don't be afraid to read every word!  A Ezekiel 33:6 watching one