KML (7 July 2011)
"Re: Robert Belanger and Lisa Taylor " Trumpets""

Dear Beloved
I write again in order to humbly state that it is not my intent to be arguementative towards you in my belief previously stated in my comment letter to you, but rather humbly , to ask Why.
All that I had written was simply to give you sight of how I see Trumpets are to be fulfilled according to how the Holy Spirit has revealed the scriptures to me.
I will at this point in this letter to you, reveal, that I hold no theological denominational standing, as most of us hold.
These holdings influence much of our views and understandings of the scriptures,
mostly because these are what we are taught by our denominations. They are our roots / foundations whereby we receive our overview of the scriptures.
In these last days, it has been my conviction of the Holy Spirit, to withdraw from denominational teaching.
Please do not misunderstand, for many of us receive fulfillment by participating in these denominations.
We all  who are in Christ receive the calling. The calling is personal to each believer, as to what Spiritual gift we receive, and to our individual descernment of scripture.
This beloved is manifest it the many letters here in written by all we Doves.
We all share our own personal views of the details of and interpretations of prophecy, for the resurrection of the body at His coming.
In Acts 17:11 Paul writes
These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, In That they received the word with All readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, wheather those things were so.
Becaause I have no denominational cloud before my eyes, I am not bound by them.
But yet, I am open to that which I am shown by the Holy Spirit in the scriptures, and pray diligently for conformation of that which I receive, for I know through scripture, that we are to test these things of the spirit that they are true, and follow the rightly delivered word of God, as it is written.
If our Blessed Lord so chooses to come for His Bride at Trumpets, this year or the next, I will be ready, in season, or out of season.
But in all humble manner unto you, I see not our Lord to repeat, that which is already appointed a time in the future, known to us all as His Victorious coming.
We , His Bride come with Him , and are honored to witness His victory of the wicked in this earth , and Israel His inheretance, will then begin again to populate
the earth, along with those gentiles who come out of great tribulation.
Dear Brother and sister, we are at an urgent place whereby we witness daily fulfillment of prophecy of these present last days. Jude speaks to we the believer, the beloved, the called, the kept, under needful / and devine compulsion by the Holy Spirit, to change that message which he had first intended to write  to us.
And speaks to us devinely forced to earnestly contend for the faith, because in these last and final days before our catching away, we this generation will see the Apostasy of the church.
I say to you and all others who may be reading this letter , that many believers are separating themselves from teachings being brought into the churches, because they have brought in, as Jude tells us will happen , doctrines not taught us in the Gospel of Christ.
Many believers will gather together in homes, and places where as little as 6, or as many as 15, share and witness and learn, and pray together in the Spirit.
I am witnessing this here now where I live.
There is coming, a separation of the body of Christ.
The true body of Christ, and not one tanted with false teachings and doctrines.
I like Jude and John and all our brothren in Christ, beseach you to "Contend" for the faith, which was Once dilivered to the saints.

Peace , Mercy, and love
to you all