Kevin Heckle (9 July 2011)
"John RP -RE: The Elenin Conspiracy Vs. the Hemlock Waters of Revelation"


There is absolutely nothing wrong with your reasoning.  Currently, you would be generally correct regarding the size of a Jupiter-sized brown dwarf in our solar system (if there was one) as compared to the moon.  However, you listed it as .06% but it would be about 6% the size of the moon at 1/16th.  When I calculated it at 27%, it was not based on the specific distance that the comet Elenin is currently, but rather some distances of Mars were it to be at that closest distance in comparison.  I did not base my assertions on the specific distance from the earth to the object Elenin, as you did.

As of 7-7-2011, based on NASA’s specific data for comet Elenin input into my software, it was at about 1.73 AU distance from the Earth.  It would currently appear at about 5.8% the size of the moon at that distance if it were an actual brown dwarf star matching the size of Jupiter.
Even so, were the object to be that large at that distance, it would be larger than any other object in the sky except the sun and the moon.  Even if it only reflected the light of the sun, it would be the most prevalent object in the sky besides the sun and moon.  At its closest, Jupiter APPEARS to be 52 arcseconds wide.  Based on my personal experience observing Jupiter, at its closest you can make out the cloud bands and 4 of its moons with a small telescope or even a good pair of binoculars.  If Elenin were a Jupiter-sized object at 1.73 AU it would currently APPEAR more than twice the size of Jupiter (111 arcseconds) at Jupiter’s closest.  You asked about arcseconds.  There are 60 arcminutes in 1 degree of a circle and 60 arcseconds in 1 arcminute.  1 degree of a circle then would be equivalent to 3600 arcseconds.  At an appearance of 1900 arcseconds in diameter, the Moon is a little over ½ a degree wide.

The very definition of a brown dwarf STAR is that it is a cold star, having a surface temperature between 1500 and 1800 degrees Kelvin, that is 2240 to 2780 degrees Fahrenheit.  While 2780 degrees is HOT to you and me, in stellar terms (comparing our hot sun), a brown dwarf is very cold.  It could emit a dull glow of its own, besides reflecting the sun’s light.  It would be impossible for an object the size of Jupiter to be just a few degrees above absolute zero due to the physics of such a mass.

If Elenin were a brown dwarf, the solar system would already be in total havoc.  While some may think NASA and the government have all conspired to hide ‘Niburu’ and that the Elenin name refers to an “extinction level event”, the evil conspirators would find it rather difficult to contain the hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers worldwide and the tens of thousands professional astronomers not affiliated with NASA should a brown dwarf STAR be currently coursing through our solar system.
Elenin is a small insignificant cometary object that currently poses no threat to our world.   Should it get some gravitational tug from the sun, Mercury or Venus as it swings around, I guess its course could be altered to intercept Earth.  That I could not predict.
According to Revelation 8:10-11, there will be an object known as Wormwood or Absinthion (Greek) and interestingly la-anah in Hebrew, that is supposed to fall to the earth and contaminate a third of the drinkable water on earth.  Even the book of Revelation describes something small enough to FALL to earth which would exclude an object the size of Jupiter.  We would fall towards it.  So something like a comet could fall to the earth, breaking up along the way and contaminate 1/3rd  of the waters of earth.  Comets are known to carry organic molecules.
Elenin kind of sounds like the Hebrew lah-an-a (Strong’s H3939).  However, it is more the intention of the Greek text absinthion to infer the contamination the falling star will cause to 1/3rd of earth’s waters as absinthion is a noxious plant, a poisonous bitter herb like hemlock.

Isn’t it profound that a two-thousand year old book states that a ‘falling star’ named after a poisonous organic (wormwood) would contaminate earth’s waters and NASA just recently found comets are partially made up of organic materials?

See also Jeremiah 23:15.


In Christ,

Kevin Heckle