Kevin Heckle (14 July 2011)
"Day - It is ONLY a comet"



In response to your post, the truth currently is that Elenin is ONLY a comet, nothing more.  It unequivocally cannot be a dwarf star currently inside the orbital ellipse of Mars.  Along with other posters here at 5 doves, we have given MULTIPLE proofs that it cannot be a dwarf star.  Some have even posted telescopic PICTURES from independent sources (not the conspiratorial NASA) of the comet’s movement.  No one has refuted those proofs with any real data other than amateurish Youtuber video.


To say that Elenin’s course will be altered is only speculation at the least and fabrication at the worst.  Could it break up as it rounds the sun?  Possibly.  Could the fragments enter our atmosphere causing widespread damage?  Possibly.  However, the only matter of fact thing that you can currently truthfully say about Elenin is that it is ONLY a comet named after the man who discovered it, NOT a dwarf star.


Biblically, the Wormwood event occurs during the Tribulation.  By the Grace of God, I will not be here for that!


In Christ,

Kevin Heckle