Kevin Heckle (13 July 2011)
"RE: David Robinson- your great reply to Suzi"



Great reply to Suzi regarding walking by faith and not sight.  I agree that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize the ‘signs of the times’. 

As far as alignments go, I do believe there is both scientific and Biblical basis to assert they may be one cause of earthquakes, certainly not the only cause.  It has more to do with the orbital resonances and tidal forces.  For instance, it has been shown that some of the gaps in the Saturn rings are caused by a 2:1 resonance between the orbital period of one of Saturn’s moons and the orbital period of debris and particles in that ring.  If the two align regularly in the same place (2:1 ratio in that case) the gravitational tug there pulls regularly on those particles in resonance to cause the gap in Saturn’s ring.


I don’t think science yet knows all of the conditions that cause stressors on our tectonic plates.  I know that with regularity, the moon causes the tides upon our oceans and so it must also affect the mantle as those tidal swells are constantly changing pressures on the plates.  So when other large mass objects such as Venus, Mercury or Mars are in a particular resonance or alignment, they could possibly be large enough stressors gravitationally to affect our plate tectonics.  I don’t believe this Elenin has the mass to affect earth, however the lower regularity of its gravitational effect could be an UNUSUAL stressor to places in the mantle not normally subjected to the regular tidal pull and resonances of the usual bodies (moon, Venus, Mercury) cause.  That’s just a theory.  

A little while back, I posted an article about Job 38:12-13,

that asserts that God causes the ‘dayspring’ or Shahar (which can be found to specifically indicate the planet Venus) to know its place (a regular occurrence), that it takes hold of the ends of the earth that the wicked might be ‘shaken’ out of it.  In that article, I list several occurrences of severe earthquakes occurring on or near the alignment of Venus and the Sun.  Of course ‘correlation doesn’t prove causation’ as my son so eloquently reminds me, but when the correlation occurs between a Biblical passage and the regular occurrences of severe earthquakes matching the orbital period resonance of the body referred (Shahar or Venus), maybe just maybe those ancient folk knew more than our scientists do.

Another intriguing note about small resonant tidal forces (13:8) between Earth and the ‘morning star’ Venus is the long precessional period of Venus alignments which matches the rate of the earth’s precession of the equinox.  These two things should be completely independent of each other, yet they advance at the same rate.  The wobble of the earth would seemingly be independent of its 365.24 day tropical orbital period as that wobble takes 25,769.5 years to complete.  Based on the tropical conjunction period (alignment) of earth and Venus with the sun, mathematically there is a 1255 tropical year period by which 157 pentagonal completions advance 360 degrees by tropical reckoning.  If you find a conjunction of earth, Venus and the sun occurring on the equinox (where the ecliptic crosses the equatorial plane), 1255 years later that conjunction will occur EXACTLY on the equinox, and recurs every 1255 years.  

Incidentally, I discovered that 1255 year period by an in depth analysis of the numbers of Daniel (3.5 OR 1260; 1290; 1335 and 2300) as they directly relate to the alignment period of the ‘morning star’ Venus, earth and the sun as well as the moon.  Those three are the three brightest objects in the sky.  God’s clock is based on the sun, moon and stars (which Venus is the brightest ‘star’ by eyesight).

Anyway, I love your perspective as described in your reply to Suzi.  I don’t believe He intends His own to be here when Wormwood falls to poison the waters, so I’m not looking for that particular object.  Our Lord is coming, no matter what the naysayers say, and He is coming soon.


In Christ,

Kevin Heckle