Kay (18 July 2011)

Hello John:

I thought it was interesting to see that you used math to determine who the antichrist is.  I do not understand math much, and I could hardly follow your argument (I got lost early on).  But it was interesting to see that you figured it out mathematically that Obama was the antichrist.

I find it interesting that Obama's background seems to be enigmatic--nothing seems to be known about it.  Why don't people know him in the college he graduated from?  I've heard several times that not a single person can give voice to his even being there!  I also don't know why we can't see his birth certificate.  Why would he want to hide it?  Who is his father?  There is so much strange secrecy behind him it makes a person wonder.  What other president has had such secrecy behind him?  I don't think a single president of the US had a father that was in question, a birth certificate that couldn't be seen, and a college degree that was given without attendance (physical).  Is he the first "bastard" that has been elected or were his parents married?  So it is no far stretch for me to believe that he could be anything strange--too much is strange about him so far.

I have often wondered why the beast has hair like a lion--what kind of hair would that be?  I could not get my hair to look like a lion's hair.  The only time I've ever seen hair that could look like a lion's mane is African hair.  But maybe my sight is wrong, and maybe there are other people who have hair like that.  I wondered for years who could have hair like that except an African descendant.  I didn't think an African descendant would be at the head of the US for years.  As you know, Obama is setting up Czars (in a historical situation where they are not normally set up).  They do not answer to Congress and will only answer to him.  I highly doubt we will be able to elect another person as president.  I believe he is in for at least another four years.  Or possibly, is the reference to the beast and "lion" related to astrology--he is a Leo according to astrology.

Sadly for many people here, I am very inclined to believe that 12/12 will be the end of Christian time here, and three and half years later (I think it is September, 2015) will be the fourth-in-a-row holy day's blood moon for the Jewish people.  The last time this happen, all hell broke loose for them.  This next time I fear, all hell will break loose for everyone.

Finally, do you find it interesting when you look at the standard time clock and the Jewish time clock that the minute hand is on the 6th minute?  That makes two sixes.  The final six is 11 a.m. (standard time) minus 5 p.m. (Jewish time)--six hours apart.  I thought that was interesting.

Thanks for your detailed mathematical equations that show that Obama is the antichrist.  Though I couldn't follow your math, I would not be surprised whatever he is because he doesn't tell us anything, and nobody can find out looking at his secret background.  I just don't understand why his past needs to be a secret?

Thanks for sharing, Kay.