Kathy S (7 July 2011)


hello bonnie,


I too sooo agree with you!  There will be many 'saved of the church' that will be left behind!!  They have taken their Christainity for granted.  They do not have a close personal relationship with the Lord each day.  They think going to church once a week will be fine.  NOPE!  We need to be in prayer each day with our Lord & Saviour.


I have been fasting for about 2 months now.  Seeking a CLOSER RELATIONSHIP too!  And, I have heard of many that are fasting.  Isn't it amazing how the Holy Spirit within us is preparing us?  I have NEVER fasted before.  Or even was taught about fasting in the southern baptist church.  But, I felt sooo lead and drown to fast.  so I did and still feel the urge to do so.  I have grown closer to the Lord!  And, I'm sooo thankful to that.  But, I DO listen and yearn to hear that trumpet sound each day!!


Even though I am fasting, seeking Jesus to cleanse me with His Precious Blood He shed on Calvary.  To make we purified! A healed heart. A pure heart with NO SPOTS, NO BLEMISH & NO WRINLES.  And, to have my cup & lamp full and running over.  I want to be RAPTURE READY when my Saviour calls!  Even though I am doing ALL this...I too fear it might not be enough.  I don't want to be left behind to live here on this evil, sinful, wicked world!  With the Holy Spirit's presence gone.  I just can not imagine NOT having that connection within me anymore.  So, I plead the blood of Jesus to pour over me.


For months I have had a burden for the church.  I don't want to see any 'saved' left behind.  But, if they are not seeking their Saviour & just living life in this sinful world...they have unrepentant sin that must be forgiven & cleansed.  It is extremely important that we as the church, the saved, God's children, the bride...ask EACH DAY for forgiveness of our sins!  Jesus died on the cross for our sin debt.  And, when we accept Jesus as our Saviour - our sins to that point are forgiven.  From that time to today though...we MUST live a life that is pleasing to God in obedience.  We must obey His ten commandments.  We ALL sin!  The ONLY PERFECT person that lived on this earth was Jesus Christ!  Therefore, we must ask forgiveness of our sin each day to be purified and have a PURE HEART. 


I heard a prayer that I think is really good for unrepentant sin:


"Precious Jesus, please forgive me of my unrepentant sin from my 2nd birth to this very second"


"Precious Jesus, forgive me of my disobedience from my 2nd birth to this very second."


"Precious Jesus, forgive me of my unforgiveness from my 2nd birth to this very second"


You can personalize this anyway you need it, according to the sin in your life.  I thought this was really good to cover your sin.  A while back I had a word of knowledge given to me.  It told me of something that was in my life that was an unforgiven sin!  I HAVE NO IDEA that this was in my heart!  But, God knew.  I had to repent & ask forgiveness.  Since then, I'm scared to think there could be something soiling my heart that I don't even know.  Because - I didn't know about that was a sin.  We can't take being raptured for granted... because we are saved!  We MUST seek our Lord & Saviour to cover our sin debt from our 2nd birth to this very second from now until that trumpet sounds!!  After that...we won't have to deal with SIN ANYMORE!!!  :)





In Christ,