Kathy S (19 July 2011)
"John RP & the rapture this wkend!!"

John...I really hope the rapture WILL BE on or about
July 28 - Aug 1.  That would be soooo wonderful!!
I am hoping for this weekend when Dr Owour is having revival services.  If it doesn't happen THIS weekend July 29, 30, 31.  then we will have to wait another WHOLE MONTH!!!  "IF" the vision he was shown is real that the rapture would occur during one of his revivals.
Also, you have the dream about the shuttle too. This is an exciting time these next few days ahead.  Let us ALL be rapture ready.
Pray for God to PURIFY your heart!!
We MUST to have a PURE HEART with
NO spots, NO blemish & NO wrinkles.
The ONLY way we can have that.... is thru the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ OUR Lord & Saviour.  Go to Him & repent of your sins.  Here is a prayer that Zappa tells of:
Precious Jesus, please forgive my unrepentant sins from my 2nd birth to this very second. amen
You can personalize it to say...
Precious Jesus, please forgive my disobedient sins from my 2nd birth to this very second. amen
Precious Jesus, please forgive my unforgiveness from my 2nd birth to this very second. amen.
Precious Jesus, please give me a PURE HEART.  Oh Jesus, please purify my heart to make it white as snow. Please wash away all spots, blemishes & wrinkles with Your Precious Holy Blood. In Jesus name. amen
hope this helps!
Kathy S