Kathy S (14 July 2011)
"Jennifer RE: amazing Grace"

Dear Jennifer,
I'm soo glad the song gave you some comfort!  May God bless you as you care for your father. That is one thing God has commanded us to do.  Honor our Father & Mother.  I'm soo glad that you are doing that.
Precious Jesus, Please touch Jennifer's father.  Heal his body.  take away whatever infirmities he has in his body.  Lift him up emotionally.  Help him to feel Your love and You presence around him each day.  Oh God, touch Jennifer in a special way as she cares for her father.  Give her physical, emotional and spiritual strength to endure all that's on her plate.  Please lighten her load.  Let her see YOU in her life each and everyday until You come to take us home.  Holy Heavenly Father, please give the command to sound the trumpet so ALL our worries, stress & pain of this sinful, evil world will be over with and a thing of the past.  Oh God, we are sooo eager to come into Your Kingdom that You have prepare for us.  Purify our hearts to be pure without spots, blemish or wrinkles.  Cleanse us of all sinfulness.  Fill our cup and lamp full and running over with oil as we wait upon our Saviour's call to 'come hither'.  in the Precious Holy Name of Jesus. amen