Kathy S (11 July 2011)
"bonnie & carol & everyone"

bonnie & carol
I'm soo thankful to know I'm not alone  out there in this world, feeling this way.  I believe after the rapture comes...there will be many saved that will be left behind.  And, not understanding why.  why....because they took their faith for granted.  They weren't 'connected' with Jesus  -  Saviour.  Being rappted up in this world is sooooo easy.  watching blasphemous TV & Movies.  and secular music.  All which comes from satan.  There his tools to pull us away or out of our relationship with the one who died for our sin debt.  That's exactly what satan wants too.  Take time away from pray, witnessing & bible studying & reading.  All these things are NEEDED to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
Please Christains....let the things of this world GO!  Reconnect with JESUS CHRIST YOU SAVIOUR.  He's the one who died for YOU!