JRP (28 July 2011)
"Possible Rapture date - a watch date for sure....."

Hello John -
Just want to share another possibility for the rapture and that is

August 5/6.

This date is given  in Ezekiel 8:1; and corresponds to Ezekiel 9:3 and 11:23.  It is during the time of the
Babylonian seige of Jerusalem and a few years prior to the third deportation when the actual 70 year Babylonian Captivity began - (586 b.c.). 
In the 6th month (August on the jewish calendar) Ezekiel witnessed the

actual departure of the Shekinah Glory Cloud.   Remarkably, God chose

to record the exact date of one of the most significant times in the history

of Israel. 

The Shekinah Glory Cloud appeared at the completion of

Sololman's Temple during a time of celebration and remained there

from some time in October to August 5/6 which was a few years prior

to the final deportation which occured on December 10 - 586 bce.

Can the departure of the SHEKINAH GLORY be compared to the

GLORY OF THE CHURCH with it's departure at the Rapture and the

departure of the HOLY SPIRIT - THE RESTRAINER as seen in

2 Thes. 1:7?

Interesting and might be worth watching that date.