Josua (9 July 2011)
"Shuttle, My dream from 2010 about a (Full-)Moon Crash + Rapture, Collage of my Firstborn"

Dear Doves

Thanks for all your posts! Even if nobody answers your posts, be
assured they are encouraging to many!

I'd like to throw in some fresh thoughts from my side:

1) the Space Shuttle flight number is STS-135. The reverse number of
135 is 531. Interestingly enough, 135+531=666.

2) After I drag-dropped the link of the Shuttle-Flight
( to
my desktop, I saw that its size (on Windows Vista) is exactly 153
bytes. I tried other Links but none of them resulted in 153 bytes. I
like the number 153 simply because it is the amount of fishes caught
in John 21:11.

3) On Rosh Hashannah 2010, I had an amazing Rapture Dream, where I saw
the Fullmoon being hit by one (later two) objects of similar size and
then the rapture happened. You can find my post about it here:
It was highly encouraging for me to just read Robert Roses post about
his mothers dream:

4) Some time in 2010, my firstborn son (now 4.5 years old) made a
collage together with his mother (that's my my wife - she is not born
again yet so please pray for her!!!). Each evening I look at that
image, it hangs opposite to his bed in his sleeping room. The first
time I saw it, I had the impression that it could be an image of the
rapture, and this first impression only increased since them. It has a
rocket on it (= Space Shuttle?) and the rocket flies upwards and he
sticked a paper from a candy on the upper part, and on the paper of
the candy it is written "Frutes" (= French word for Fruits ->
First-Fruits?). It also has a big star and some big dots near the star
(= rocks falling down?) Recently I asked him what the colorful stripes
are and he said that they are rainbow from earth to heaven! And to me,
the ugly persons at the bottom look like the people that are left
Have a look yourself!

Watch & Pray!