Josua (28 July 2011)
"To Nicole: the Calling to the beach"

Dear Nicole

Thanks for your reply:

It's definitely interesting that we both dreamt to go to the beach, and the subject of the Eagle in your sons dream - nice match!

In my little office room I have 5 pictures in black/white mounted on the wall: one with the face of an ox, one with the face of a human, one with the face of a lion, and the last with a face of an eagle. I made those pictures because of the 4 creatures in the throne room of God. In the morning, I sometimes invite God to dwell in my office too, having the description of Revelations 4 in mind. It is always interesting to see peoples reaction when they come to my office and look at the pictures. Everybody seems to like them, but nobody (not even Christians!) ever made a comment about the the book of Revelations!

About movies: about 10 years ago, I nearly completely stopped watching movies at home or in cinema. Watching spectacular movies was one of my biggest hobbies of that time, but I simply did not have the time for that. At first, I always thought that I am missing something. Over the years, I realized what a blessing it is to completely stay away from movies.

However, I recently was tired in the evening, the kids were already sleeping, my wife had something else to do and I felt no desire to read the Bible. So I switched on the TV to check if there is some nice movie (at least once a year it's ok, isn't it? :-)). Soon I found James Bond in full action (I liked James Bond a lot in the past). I think it was less than 5 minutes of watching after I made a decision to not watch any more of those erotic and action scenes. I can't imagine Jesus (my groom) sitting together with me (hopefully his bride) on the sofa enjoying watching such a movie. And watching it myself is like separating from him.

I know I have an extreme attitude, but that's simply how I think and feel. And I am sure, there is truth and blessing in it.

Another reason why to not watch movies is the following: if you have dreams, it is hard to predict if they are of divine nature or not. I think that many doom and gloom visions currently released as youtube videos are simply the result of movie-scenes in the heads of those people. If I dream something spectacular I can at least say for sure that it is absolutely not influenced by movies! :-)

Btw, I recently (2 days ago) had another interesting (and completely unique) experience. I woke up several times in the night and remembered that I was just taught some kind of truth. Like a student is taught by his master, I was directly instructed by somebody (Angel?!). I then woke up, repeated the thing I have learned, then turned in the bed and immediately continued to sleep. This happened several times (about 3x) during that night. In the morning, I only remembered one thing I have been directly instructed: "Spiritual wealth is worth more than any mundane wealth". This is actually nothing new to me, but for some reason this was instructed to me during that night. I am praying and reflecting over it since then.

Watch and Pray!
YBIC, Josua