Josua (26 July 2011)
"Dream about eagle from the Sky coming down"

Dear Doves

last weekend I had an interesting dream which I'd like to share for your encouragement!

I don't really remember the beginning of the dream, but I remember that at some point a group of Christians (including me) got the message to go to a nearby beach to receive something. I don't recall specific members of that group, but what I know for sure is that each one of us was very serious in his/her belief in Jesus, repentance and holiness - there was absolutely no lukewarm member. I can't remember how exactly we got that message, probably through prayer.
We had absolutely no doubt that we got the message right, so we went there, without knowing what will happen at the beach. (Interestingly I don't live in a country with a beach, but in the dream it was like the most normal thing to just walk to the beach which was not far away). When we were there, I remember that I looked up and saw an eagle high up in the sky. It flew downwards until it landed on my hands. It was very friendly (did not hurt me at all), beautiful, strong and big. I don't remember seeing what the other Christians at the beach did, but I am pretty sure that each one of us got his/her own eagle.
I don't remember what (if anything at all) happened next.
I did not wake up right after that dream, but I instantly remembered that part of the dream in the morning when I woke up and felt great joy about it.

It is a rather unusual dream for me, I never dreamt anything similar at all. I am wondering if it carries a divine message?

My interpretation would be that we simply individually receive "power from above", that we shall "hold on to it" and get "ready to fly"! :-)

Watch and Pray!
YBIC, Josua