John NL (30 July 2011)
"Aug 1st, 1st of Av"

Dear Doves

I'm very concerned about what coming Monday (Aug 1, this year also 1st of Av) will bring to the world. For three years in a row, we had an eclipse of the sun on this date (Jewish calendar). The world is in turmoil and the financial trouble is enormous. I believe that the indebtedness of nations will be abused by the global power elite to submit entire countries to their globalist NWO agenda. For a real calculation of America's indebtedness read for instance this crystal clear article in Business Week: The true debt number is an astonishing 211 trillion (that is 211 million times a million) - and there is, coincidentally - that number 11 again.

quote from the article:
..Even so, Kotlikoff concluded that the fiscal gap -- i.e., the net present value of all future expenses minus all future revenue -- amounts to $211 trillion..

Doves, it's the 11th hour. The day of reckoning is near. Keep looking up.

John NL