John NL (27 July 2011)

Dear doves,

to add to your posts on the brutal massacre in Norway, just have a look at the pictures on this website, where you see the sweet, 'socialist democratic', communist, indoctrinated and brainwashed youth of Norway 'demonstrating' in favour of a 'Palestinian State'. How terribly sad. Look who is visiting Utoya island just a few days prior to the killings: FM Stoere. This super rich nation (plenty of oil), usually acting as a US dog tail (!) with close cooperation with US secret services, doesn't seem to have a clue about the true history of 'Palestine' and Israel. I'd like to give these people the advantage of the doubt and hope that at least some people wake up and recognise the Palestinian beast they're trying to embrace. If alone they realised that they are teaming up with barbarians who encourage their own children to do precisely that which Anders Breivik practised on July 22nd, with only one justification: as long as the victims are Jews, it's OK to do. btw: Mr Breivik was a free mason in the past, something that would have been MUCH more applicable to mention as a news item then this 'fundamentalist christian' label some news media are trying to give him.

I agree with previous posters that we are entering very dangerous times, where the 'elite' with their controlled news media are trying to fabricate a 'religious' war upon us, blaming anybody not wanting to accept their NWO plans to be a non-conformist, anti-social, religious fundamentalist  I also expect that these violent events will very quickly result in far-reaching restrictions and controls of communication between people, whether it is internet, email or phone. The mark of the beast is approaching us with high-speed.

Good thing to know, and also on this website (see the cartoon): Now The Netherlands (where I live), Italy and Chechia officially boycott the blatantly nauseous pro-palestine - anti-Israel UN show choreographed by the arabic states and supported by Norway, to be held on September 22 in New York.

Keep looking up, where our help comes from!


John NL