John Clark (22 July 2011)
"RE: Lydia "John Clark's testimony""

RE: Lydia "John Clark's testimony"

Blessings  Lydia.

When I first became a Christian it seemed that whenever I was on the right path with the Lord, usually my car broke down.  I can really tell you some stories.  But since I moved back to California in mid-December of last year, the attacks have been continual and in any venue.  I might add that the blessings have also followed.

To indicate how blatant these have become, let me add a few things concerning this latest computer attack.  I was scheduled for significant surgery on July 13, and my connection to the Internet was severed on June 26.  I was finally able to get a repairman approved and at my house at 10 AM on July 12.  He reestablished the Internet around noon, and I was able to send out my prayer requests prior to my departure to the hospital at 1:30 PM.

I was discharged from the hospital on the morning of Friday the 15th, and arrived home about 1:30 PM.  I was able to access the Internet and briefly look at well over 400 e-mails.  I then went to a Christian board and read the responses to my prayer request.  All of this was less than 15 minutes.  I then accessed five doves and found that my prayer request had been posted on the 13th.  I then fell asleep in my chair for about 30 minutes.  (Major surgery, medications, very little stamina, etc.).  When I awoke I found Babs response to my request.  I clicked on her response and discovered that I was no longer connected to the Internet.

Over the weekend I talked to the fine engineers in India, and they were unable to connect me to the Internet.  Eventually they established the technician to come to my house on Tuesday, July 19.  He replaced the major equipment, and I was good to go around noon.  I had been off of the Internet for all but a couple of hours over the previous 25 days.  I updated my Microsoft programs and downloaded an antivirus program because the one that came with the computer had expired (one month).  While I have been off-line someone had hacked into my Yahoo mailbox and sent spam to all of my contacts.  I notified Yahoo and also sent out a letter of apology to all of my "friends" on my contacts list.  ( LOL. - At least one was not a happy camper).  Finally I addressed the more important e-mails and then started to look at some of my regular stomping grounds.  I made it back to five doves and went directly to July 13 to read Babs response.  I clicked on the response, and was no longer connected to the Internet.  Now that is no coincidence.  LOL!

I am now well aware as to what to look on my computer.  I went to the "system control center" to check the system status.  It stated that everything was working properly but that, "Fair Access Policy Threshold Exceeded."  For the first time in the six months that I had the system, I had overused the bandwidth that I was allotted.

So I called the nice engineers in India, and with great calm and control, proceeded to discuss the fairness of their "Fair Access Policy."  The engineer was also very gracious and gave me four free "tokens" to use to extend the "Threshold."  He also gave me a special number to use if I have the same problem again within the next couple of weeks.  (To get more tokens).

It was then that I was finally able to read the lovely response by Babs.  Let me also mention that today just before I was ready to send my response to Babs, my computer started to run very slow and I needed to use another one of those "tokens" to expand my threshold.

Now I won't even get into the fact that the hot water heater went out on Tuesday, or two flat tires, or overheating of my car 30 minutes after "full service" at the dealership, etc., etc., etc..  But the Lord allowed me last winter to get a "cold."  Its symptoms partially improved with antibiotics, and shortly thereafter it was discovered that I was in a persistent rapid atrial fibrillation.  Over a couple of months, two episodes of cardioversion (electric shock with paddles three times each episode) without change.  With the Lord's guidance, I refused a third attempt and the use of a very dangerous medication (amiodarone).  I requested to be referred to a cardiac electrophysiologist, and informed that it would take a long time.  I inquired of my employer (MD), and he phoned one of the top cardiac electro-physiologists on a Friday afternoon, and I had an appointment the following Monday afternoon.  (The Holy Spirit pointed this cardiologist out to me on the Internet.  My employer thought that he had once worked at our clinic as a fill-in.  He thought he might know him, but in reality he was thinking of another general practice doctor).

I was expecting this specialist to do a cardiac ablation, but he wanted to try me on the same dangerous medication.  But what was more important, is that he informed me that some of my symptoms were not being caused by my atrial fibrillation.  And he had no idea what the cause was.  So on my one and 1 Half Hour drive home, praying in the spirit, the Lord informs me exactly what was causing my primary symptom (difficulty breathing).  At home reading about the dangerous drug, the FDA had put a black box warning about multiple respiratory complications and the need to evaluate lung perfusion prior to going on the medicine.  (Never done).  I requested the new cardiologist to order a chest CT with contrast to check for a pulmonary embolism.  Even though he had stated that he would, "help me in my endeavor to discover the cause," he recommended that I have my "primary care physician" order to test.  He knew that I was basically my own "primary care physician," and it is not kosher to order your own tests or prescribe your own medications.  So I approached my employer and explained my situation.  He authorized the test.  (Way to go Dr.).

The test was ordered but a couple of days later my airways suddenly opened up.  I believe that the pulmonary embolism broke up, and opened my airways.  This was probably aided by my blood thinners, along with the 9 g flaxseed oil that the Holy Spirit had told me to start taking four months earlier.  Now this brought another dilemma.  It was very clear that the Lord told me to order the chest CT.  But the primary reason for the chest CT was no longer present.  I knew that the Lord did not want me to go on the amiodarone, but the test is one of a few that could be performed prior to taking the medication.  I chose to stay with the CT.

The chest CT showed that I did not have a pulmonary embolism (at that time).  It was another test that demonstrated that my heart in my chest were well within normal limits, and had no problems.  (Except rate and rhythm of the heart - not seen on chest CT).  But it did pick up either a nodule or tumor on the left side of my thyroid and a possible cystic mass on the top of my left kidney.  Other studies were ordered on my recommendation, and showed that I have a multi-nodular goiter (enlarged, lumpy, thyroid gland) which was working within normal amount and without signs of cancer.  And a 6.1 cm mass in the upper portion of my left kidney.  Half of the kidney.  The chest CT would have been the only test that could have picked up both of these problems.  (Having a goiter is another contraindication for taking amiodarone).

Today I was informed that that mass is a stage IIIA renal carcinoma.  Radiation and chemotherapy have no effect on renal carcinoma (personally I would never do them anyway).  The treatment is to remove the tumor.  And with this there is a 95% survival rate.  That's not bad if you have to have a cancer.

I have never had a symptom that would indicate that I had any type of renal problem.  All of my lab work was excellent.  The doctor who removed my kidney states that, "I am extremely lucky."  Luck had nothing to do with it.  This potentially lethal tumor was found early because I obeyed the directions given to me by the Holy Spirit.  Presently the insurance company is challenging paying for that test.  It really doesn't matter to me anymore.  I think that they will actually have their mind changed by the ruler of the universe.  But if not, one chest CT would cost about a 1 ounce gold coin in the mouth of fish.