John Clark (20 July 2011)
"RE: Babs (14 July 2011) "John Clark""

RE: Babs (14 July 2011)  "John Clark"

I would like to thank Babs, and everyone else who prayed for me and my surgery.  I was extremely relaxed throughout the process, and was in full peace.  Everything went smoothly and I am presently at home "in recovery."

This last year I have been in constant spiritual warfare, so much so that I almost laugh at the next hindrance that is thrown into my path.  I knew that I would need plenty of prayer partners to make it through a procedure such as this.  And the Father has come through for me each and every time.  About a month before my surgery, my trusty computer suddenly died.  (Even though most of the original parts had been upgraded and replaced.).  With all of my recent medical bills, I certainly could not afford to replace it.  But after a short prayer, I was able to pick up a new, brand name, stripped down model, with more power for only $500.  Shortly thereafter I realized I could cannibalize the old computer resulting in something "better."  But that only slowed me down for a couple of days.

Just over two weeks before my surgery, the enemy took out my access to the Internet.  The Internet is my primary form of communication with everyone.  And it was going to be weeks before they could send a repairman.  I simply informed the Father of my dilemma.  Well, just two hours before I had to leave for my surgical adventure, the repairman was finally able to give me a connection.  Just enough time to send out the briefest prayer request.  Upon returning home last Friday afternoon, I discovered that I no longer had Internet access.  LOL!  Just today, July 19, the repairman returned with a new satellite modem and dish radio.  (The system was only six months old.).  Internet access reconnected and one sinister kidney disconnected, and now everything is functioning properly.  And I even lost some weight.

The Father has been there every time with the answer to every dilemma.  He has never been late or lacking.  Just yesterday as I was thinking back on the daily challenges that have suddenly cropped up in my walk, the Spirit brought to my mind "Jacob."  Before Jacob became "Israel," he wrestled with an angel.  Jacob walked away from that encounter as a "new man."  A total change in attitude and character.  He walked away, but this time with a limp.  "Born again," but with some damaged parts.  (That thar angel dislocated Jacobs hip.). I am functioning fine, with "only" one kidney.

Blessings to all.