Joe M (25 July 2011)
"Re: Susan"

My wife and I have prayed for you.  In regards to you're not becoming critical, though struggling w fear, I count it as a sign of maturity on your part.  If I may be so bold, I have some advice for your situation:
Two things may be going on.  First of all, spiritual attacks.  I experienced panic attacks in the past.  The way the Lord broke them off my life was through prayer at the altar of church.  So, I suggest you find a Holy Ghost filled church and go up for prayer.  There is power at the altar.  The enemy will try and stop you from doing this.  But do it!  See if there's a revival going on at a church near you and head there.
Second, take care of your health.  I read at RITA where you mentioned possible liver problems.  If you look online, you'll find a thing called "leaky gut syndrome."  It can be related to liver problems.  Additionally, food allergies and panic attacks may be connected.  One way to know if you have food allergies is to go on a Daniel diet and see if you feel better while on it.  Once back on a normal diet, consider what you may want to avoid: caffeine, corn syrup, and lots of other stuff.  Do some research on food allergies and what to avoid.  A lot of this will be trial and error.  If you feel better on the Daniel diet then you have a starting point.
I hope this helps,
God Bless,