Joe Callaway (9 July 2011)
"Elenin aka Nibiru"

Well 7-7-11 has come and gone, there was a 7.6 quake in the New Zealand area, on 7-6-11.
On 3-11-11 we had the massive 9.0 quake of Japan. The distance of Elenin on 3-11-11 was far greater than now. So on this new alignment of Elenin there should've been a 9.0 or greater quake if the theories of Elenin are to be believed. This did not manifest, also I have seen several videos of the Gavin Point Dam allegedly wired with explosives. I live in the Omaha area, and local news said this rumor was completely false. Theorists were tying in this staged terror event with Elenin. I think it's safe to say ALOT of disinformation is being pushed. With the obvious agenda to discredit christians who believe in the 2nd coming of Christ, making us all look like nutbars. You had Harold Camping, now this Elenin, people are going to start looking at believers with contempt and scorn. Now more than ever we should be diligent and discerning, carefully examining all information.
I am finding it increasingly difficult to witness to people because of this kind activities, and it is my sincere prayer that all Christians take a step back, take a deep breath, be very cautious. The credibility of those who believe in the 2nd coming of Christ is being weakened greatly. May we remain diligent and informed. Maranath