Joe Callaway (7 July 2011)
"R:Paul Wilsom "Elenin aka Nibiru""

"Exactly how are we to know HE is not the disinformation????? Planet X has been talked of for sometime why is he only coming out NOW??? To me NASA and them would be telling us what he is to have everyone calm down."
Actually, I posted on this over a month ago about James McCanney and I agree with him. He isn't "just now" coming out with this information, he's been speaking about this for sometime.
Alot of the videos I've watched regarding this "Elenin" I find to implausible. I do agree Elenin is real, I do not agree it's a Brown Dwarf with 5x the gravity of Jupiter. Look at the effect Jupiter has on it's moon IO, the moon suffers massive tetonic upheavel and quakes on it's proximity to Jupiter. This "Elenin" is now in between the orbits of Mars and the Earth. A body that has 5x the mass of Jupiter would cause ALOT more chaos and destruction than what we're witnessing now. Also, the magnetic field of that monster would be wrecking havoc on our satellites. Which is obviously NOT happening.