Joe Chappell (7 July 2011)
"My Vision on November 28th 2000, and the Space Shuttle"

Dear Doves, this is a copy of an email I sent to a friend almost three years ago. It contains the account of the one and only " Vision" I have ever had. This week as we watch the launch of the Atlantis Space Shuttle, I have thought much about this vision in 2000, almost 11 years ago.  
In January of this year, ( 2008 ) the Lord told me this would be the year it all would begin. Thanks , Joe Chappell


Vision 01

The date was November 28, 2000

For the previous eighteen months leading up to the vision, I had been attending a weekly prayer meeting that began at 6 am on Thursdays, at a popular restaurant in Tampa. We met upstairs in the banquet hall, a room of about 5000 square feet, that at that hour was dark and empty. A small handful of   people mostly men, and a few women gathered for about an hour every week to pray. There was no conversation, just prayer , and usually some worship music playing on a portable stereo.  I enjoyed this early morning prayer so much, that I began to get up the remaining six days a week around 5am , to seek the Lord on my own.  
There was an announcement made on the Thursday  before Thanksgiving Day, that we would not be meeting for prayer on the 23rd of November,  which was Thanksgiving Day, because no one would come. I made the comment that I would be there, if anyone wanted to join me ( what is there to do on Thanksgiving Day until 10:30 am anyway ).  On the 23rd, I drove the twenty miles to the restaurant as usual. As it turned out I was alone that day . I spent the typical hour in prayer alone, with little difference from the many other times I had been there , until I got ready to leave , a little after 7am.  I got on the elevator, which went down to the restaurant below, and pressed the button.  The elevator took me down to the first floor, and the doors opened.  I didn’t get off. I just stood there for a moment, and the doors closed. The Holy Spirit came on me in a very strong way. I realized I wasn’t going home, I was going back up to the empty banquet room to pray. For the next hour , I prayed like I have only prayed a few times in my life. I could not shout loud enough. I marched the perimeter of the room with my hand raised as if I was holding a sword. I felt like a puppet. Some unseen force was in control. I marched and prayed. I prayed and marched. I swung my invisible sword at invisible enemies, I prayed until I was horse. Finally, after an hour, I was exhausted.  I returned to the elevator, went down to the first floor,  entered the restaurant, and ordered some café con leche ( coffee ).   I left after an hour or so, and got back home around  10am. The rest of the day, was a typical Thanksgiving day with family.  Five days later, on a Tuesday morning, Nov. 28th 2000,  I received the vision.

On the morning of Nov. 28th  , I was working alone in my business , which was a small 1200 sq ft. warehouse, located at the end of a long building, of similar tenants. The two doors next to me were unoccupied at the time, so the closest  business to me was maybe 150 feet away.  I was trying to get a truck loaded with materials and tools in preparation for going to a job site.  I was very busy, and running a little late. Around 10 am, the Holy Spirit came on me in a very strong  however familiar fashion.  The first impression I had, was wanting to go somewhere to weep and pray, but I resisted. I was too busy.

For the next two and a half hours, God began to show me various scenes of things to come in the near future. I would stop my work periodically to write down what the Lord was showing me. I told no one about this vision except my wife Donna, until Sunday night Dec 10th. That evening, I received an e-mail from a friend named John Kidd ( US  Navy Ret. )  who lived several hundred miles away, and whom I had not heard from in several months. I had not seen him or talked to him in eight years. His e-mail described , a very similar experience, and used some of the same terms I was given in my vision. I knew it was time to share what the Lord had shown me. At the end of this vision, I will take a minute to share what the Lord has since shown me about this terrible time that is coming. It is very positive!!

The Vision

Tuesday 11-28-00 10:30 am

***I feel like going somewhere to weep and pray. The greatest recession we have ever seen in this country is on the way. Christians will live communally. No one will have any money or work. I saw people  standing in long soup lines. ( I saw what looked like Bethel Temple AG, ( my church ) with a long line of people stretching down the sidewalk to the west. All traffic on Hillsborough Ave. was non existent . You could stand in the middle of the street and talk if you wanted to. There were people living on the church property and lots of activity ) .

*** Celestial phenomena :   I saw myself along with my  wife and our two boys watching something in the sky at night. Like we were on a happy family campout and marveling at the "Hand of God" in the sky. It looked like a rocket or missile . Actually it looked like the space shuttle to me, having witnessed a night launch at the Cape, it is the best thing I can compare it to. It lit up the night sky like daylight.

***Pastor Bill Craver ( who was my pastor at the time ) Will come into a tremendous role of Leadership and spiritual priesthood in the city of Tampa. I saw him directing resources and functioning almost like a Mother Teresa or a John the Baptist on the streets of Tampa during this time. Sitting with city leaders and business people.

*** Pension Funds Will be wiped out. People who worked hard all their life and thought they were secure and retired with plenty will find themselves penniless.

***12:10pm It will be a time like Egypt during Joseph and the seven years of famine. People will borrow from the banks against their homes and property just to stay in their homes. This will be the last shaking before the end of all that we have known of "normal".

***12:55pm I saw Christians who up until this time have not been rooted and grounded in God's Word, sitting in their homes in a daze, not knowing what hit them. Some of them seem to be in mental illness. These are the silly women.

 End of Vision

Now let me add a very unusual thing that took place at the same time that I was having the Vision.

About the time that the vision occurred , a man came into my business, through the open 10ft rollup door, near where my truck was parked, and stood watching me. He didn’t say much, just stood watching me and occasionally smiled, with beautiful white teeth. He was black, about six feet tall, and powerfully built. It was hard to say how old he was , he looked like he could be in his fifties. He was handsome, and dressed in matching bronze colored pants and shirt, similar to what men wear in the islands, I remember thinking that I would like to have an outfit like that, but I could never do it justice ( oh well ) . He was there quite a while. The only thing I remember him saying, was “ my work is done now “. I really didn’t know what that meant, but somehow I knew he was connected to the vision I was having. Looking back on the whole thing, I am convinced that he either brought the vision to me, or he was guarding it while I received it. I might be all wrong, but I didn’t see him come in, and I don’t know when he left.  

Since God showed me these things, I have meditated on them for almost seven years now. He has shown me what this last "Great Shaking " is for. When I was a small child, we lived in North Carolina. In the fall, the pecan trees on our property would begin to drop pecans. We would gather them daily until the trees were nearly barren. Finally my dad would take a rope with a block of wood tied around one end, and throw it up into a tree and it would loop around one of the large branches. Then we would all gather around the base of the tree while he shook it vigorously. The last of the stubborn pecans would begin to fall. It was a lot of fun to run around and pick up the "LAST OF THE HARVEST". This is what God is about to do. I say to all of you. GET READY FOR THE LAST HARVEST.

In Christ's Great Love Joe Chappell