Jimmy Lishman (19 July 2011)
"More signs in evidence for the watchmen who trust only in HIM"

Hi All,

It astounds me when I look at most of the “big preachers” and do not see the warning of the watchmen – they are all advocating and planning their next big tour or even for next year and in 18 months etc.  – don’t they see, I mean even a blind watchman can see the signs – shouldn’t they be warning their flock!

We certainly have our work as Watchmen cut out for us – but who is listening!


In the Jewish culture a solar eclipse (especially in the month of Av) has significance in judgment on the gentiles, and so it was for 2008, 2009 and 2010 with the solar eclipses bringing judgment – financial, drought and all the earthquakes and a raft of other ills on the gentile world.

Aug, 1 2008         Solar

Jul,22 2009          Solar

Jul,11 2010          Solar


But we know the acceptance of the a/c as messiah to the Jews brings the Great Tribulation –

See the sign I have picked up:

June,26 2010      Blood Moon

Dec,21 2010        Blood Moon

Jun,15 2011         Blood Moon

Dec,10 2011        Blood Moon


These are the blood moons in the current season of watching, but what is significant is the time period between each blood moon – 6 months!

Putting it as follows really drives home the signal


June,26 2010

6 Months                             6

Dec,21 2010

6 Months                             6

Jun,15 2011

6 Months                             6

Dec,10 2011


If that’s not a sign of who’s time is now due – then I don’t know